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OMR & IT Solutions
Certified ISO 27001 & 9001

Addmen Institute Automation

Institute Management Base Price

All included Modules and Features are Institute Automation software marked.

Optional features have their add-on price mentioned against them.
Lease price mentioned here assumes 250 enrolments.
Onetime Price

More options for lease price depends on number of records:

Admission & Fee Modules

Student Admission Register

Candidate’s personal information and classification as per branch, course, batch and many other fields. Supplementary Information
Additional information regarding Academic background and Exams cleared, Basic Demographics & Family details, Health & Medical details, Skills & Hobbies, Activity participation… Identity Card, Photos & Signatures
Capture Candidate, Parents & Local Guardians photo from webcam, or self update from App, print Identity cards with Photo & Barcode

Enquiry Registration & Follow-Ups

Register online and walk-in enquiries for efficient follow-ups and business analysis Communication Log & Follow-up
Admission Counsellors notes, next follow-up reminders, SMS invites Online Registration Form
Registration form extension for direct application on website/kiosk Enquiry Referrals
Students and Teachers can register and follow their leads. Admin keep a log to reward them for referral

Fee Management

Setup user defined instalments & Fee plan, issue Fee bills, Receipts, automated reminders
Draw elaborate and flexible reports like Collection Register, Student Ledger, PDC Checks, Head wise collection, Monthly collection, Defaulter Lists, Advances, Upcoming fee, funds availability etc.
Onetime Price

Payment Gateway

Students can buy test package from you website and pay fee from within their login accounts. New gateway API integration USD 100.

Member Communication & Interaction

Administrator & Staff Dashboard

Create tests, Upload scores, Update Lesson Plan; Reply to queries, Mark attendance, write academic comments, send messages Upload Documents, Results, Videos
Upload study material, assignments and videos lectures etc. Administrative Reports & Analysis
Enquiry v/s Admission trends, Income v/s Expenditure analysis, Comparison of academic performance of teachers or student groups.

Student Dashboard

Update profile and contact info, see all notifications and access all features at one place. Downloads
Study Material, Academic Assignments & daily Practice Sheets, Test Schedules, Time-Table etc. Online Tests
Attempt tests enlisted in your accounts, buy more tests, view instant results analysis and score book Instant Reports
My Attendance, Accounts, Course Progress, Online Results and Graphical Performance Report

Communication Log

All Notifications, SMS, Emails, Academic Comments, Result Announcements, System alerts at one place.
Al notifications appear on App if app active.

Queries & Responses

Queries, complaints can be lodged and responded online.

Bulk SMS & Email

Email integration is free. Preset SMS API available free of charge, SMS Credits to be purchased separately (rates as per quantity). New SMS API integration USD 100.

Online Feedback & Survey

Build you feedback questionnaires. Collect feedback online. Feedback can also be collected on Smartphone/ Tab if App is active.
Onetime Price

Android EduApplet Interface

App with your Institute Name & Logo on Playstore
Notifications, Advertisements/Kiosk, ELearning Videos, Online Test, Online Results, Downloads, Queries and Complaints, Feedback, Attendance, Profile, Accounts, Library, GPS Track etc..
Features work as per active main modules.
Onetime Price
(Various Options)

Academic Modules


Either one of Period based / Time log based is included. (Addition of other method USD 200. Preset Biometric data import formats free. New format integration USD 100). Attendance can be marked and viewed on App if App is active.
Onetime Price

Course Progress Monitor

Create a lesson plan and maintain perfect control on academic progress of all classes and teachers.
Onetime Price

Time Table Module

Class-Subject-Teacher mapping, availability and hour-load of teachers, Dynamic Time Table and substitution arrangement for absent teachers.
Onetime Price

Accounts, Assets and Office Administration Modules

Accounts & Expense Management

Bank and Cash Book, Party Ledgers, Trial Balance
Onetime Price

Salary and Leave Account

Leaves application /sanction & transactions, Pay bill, Salary slip etc.
Onetime Price

Library Management System

Cataloguing of books and other media, accession register, circulation linked with accounts to auto post fines on delays and damages.
Limited version of OPAC allowing candidates to search for books available in library and reserve from their online account. Candidates receive notification as soon as the book is available back in the library.
Onetime Price

Stock Management

Maintain stock books, control indents and item issue based on allocation. Good for Inventory/ Practice Kit/ Study Material Issue.
Onetime Price

Hostel Register

Onetime Price

Transportation Register

Onetime Price

e-Documents (Paperless Office)

Student Profiles (for Placement), Staff Profiles (Updated CVs)
Student Notices, Staff Notices
Note Sheet & Indents, Memos
Correspondence Documents, Submitted Documents, Certificates
Task Register
Onetime Price

Online Alumni Register

Onetime Price
Telephonic Lead Management
involves integration of a third party API, taken up as customization.
Separate Proposal

Assessment Modules

OMR Answer Sheet Checker

Design and print your own sheets, scan using any scanner and get instant results from this software (includes Sheet Designer).
Setup & evaluate MCQ tests, get Graphical and Analysis Reports
Read : B(OMR)-Addmen-OMR-Features.pdf
Onetime Price (Addon modules available for SAT and Olympiad type of tests)

Online Test System (Computer Based Test CBT)

Upload and administer your own tests, schedule and map them to branches and groups. Test allocation to candidates by default group, or package or by counts or specific tests.
Graphical Reports and Analysis
Online Score Board on Website & App
Read : B(CBT)-Online-Test-and-Feedback-Software-Features.pdf
Onetime Price including for SAT pattern (of raw & scaled scores).
Score Book Entry of Manually Graded Tests Onetime Price  
Grade Book (Academic Score Sheet)
School Pattern/ CBSE CCE Pattern
Onetime Price  
University Pattern Tabulation Register and Marksheet Onetime Price  
Online Score Board on Website & Smartphone App
Results can be uploaded to website where student can see and print scores of all his tests including OMR sheet, graphical Performance, Description and solution of each test. Graphical Reports and Analysis
Detailed Score Sheet, Graphical Student Performance, Graphical Question Paper Analysis, Graphical Comparison of performance of various teachers/groups.
Scores show on App only if app is active.
(included in CBT)  
Tab/Smartphone Based Test & Result Interface
If you have activated the app option, the tests can be attempted from android devices too.
Separate Proposal  

Question Paper Generator (QPG)

Read : B(QPG)-Addmen-QPG-Features.pdf
Onetime Price  
Online Question Bank Feature for Practice Papers
Provision to upload bank of questions using which several test papers can be generated. Dynamic generation facility is provided to student
Onetime Price  

Implementation, Training and Hosting Services

Customization as per actuals
Remote Implementation / Training Free
Onsite Implementation / Training Separate Proposal
Cloud Hosting (if required)
All purchased Browser based softwares and App will require cloud hosting. Either you can arrange for your own cloud hosting or buy it from us.
3 months hosting shall be provided free of charge on Cloud Server (demo server with limited resources).
Annual Fixed Price
(Various Options)

Assisted Operation (Outsourcing Services)

You may seek our help in sheet design and test setup on your behalf.
Pre-pay in packets of USD 100, will be deducted as billed. New Sheet Design : USD $/ side
Test Setup : USD $/ Testpaper
Formatting the Question paper: USD $/ Testpaper (100 quest.)
Test Evaluation of scanned image : USD $/ testpaper
(as per actuals)

Best Price – All Inclusive Combo

Integrated Assessment Suite [ IAS1 ]

  1. Standard Question Paper Generator (SQ) (Question bank S/w)
  2. Online Question Bank Feature
  3. Standard Computer Based Test (Online Test)
  4. Standard OMR Answer Sheet Checker
  5. Integration of Manually Scored Tests
  6. Online Score Board (Result)

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