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OMR & IT Solutions
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OMR OCR ICR Modules and Features

Popular OMR & Assessment Combos

OMR Answer Sheet Checker [ SA0= A0+A1+SD ]

Useful where primary objective is MCQ Test scoring, it provides various merit lists and basic graphs, charts, analysis etc. Reads only OMR blocks like Roll no, Test/Set No. and Questions that are relevant to test process.


OMR Form Reader [ SB0= B0+B1+B2+SD ]

Useful where primary objective is data extraction from Application Forms, Feedback forms, Instant I-Card, Attendance and Elections, it simply provides data in Excel as it is without applying any post reading logic. Reads OMR blocks, Barcode and capture Photo.


Available in Standard, Professional And Web Variants

The Addmen Software Solutions are totally modular

We have kept the solution modular because if a regular user has simple requirements, then we do not want to tax the user with extra price and extra learning because of extra features, which are not relevant for him.

Modules Features for MCQ Test Scoring

OMR Test Sheet Reader [ A0 ] (Base Component)

A0 is used as basic reader in case of OMR Answer Sheet Checker process, where certain types of OMR blocks like Question, Rollno and Test ID have to be treated differently for further processing. If other OMR fields like Name and other information are also to be read from the OMR Sheet, then B0 must be added.


MCQ Test Scoring with Basic Reporting [ +A1 ]


MCQ Test Scoring with Advanced Reporting (includes A1) [ +A2 ]

Admin interface facilitates generation of some typical graphical reports like Group Comparison and Question Paper Analysis reports.


Feedback and Survey Analysis [ +A3 ]


Online Score Board (Result on Website) [ +A4 ]

Interface is added to website where Student login to see result chart of all tests with Graphical Analysis Reports for each test. Cloud or local server with IIS and SQL is required to host the module.


Olympiad Ranking and Multi-tier Report Generation (A2 is required) [ +A5 ]

In case of Olympiad style of examination, result and ranks requirement is different from the regular MCQ based tests. Ranks are required as per class, institution, city, state, country etc. So they need more detailed planning of Roll nos and Features beyond regular OMR result processing. Olympiad addon can be added over modules PAB as base.


SAT/ACT/PSAT Solution (includes A1+A2+A4) [ +A6 ]

SAT or other examinations held outside India have a different pattern than the regular MCQ based tests. These Test patterns involve more detailed definition and reporting, so they need extended result processing Features. In case of the SAT solution, the regular functionality of OMR Answer Sheet Checker remains intact while addon Features are activated, which according to these SAT like test pattern enables the software to accept scaled scores and club multi-part tests taken on multiple sheets into one and prepare reports accordingly.


+Web Based OMR Subscription based Internet Application) [ W0 ]

OMR on subscription Just upload your sheets and download read data in Excel.


Modules and Features for Optical Reading and Data Collection

Basic OMR Reader [ B0 ] (Base Component)

B0 is used where primary objective is data extraction from OMR forms, it simply provides data in Excel as it is without applying any post reading logic. Reads OMR blocks only.


Image Capture [ +B1 ]

Can capture one or more image from a sheet and save as file or in database. Used for Design of new OMR sheet

Barcode Reader [ +B2 ]

QCode Reader [ +B3 ]

Lithocode Reader [ +B4 ]

Multipage Forms Reading [ +B5 ]


OCR & ICR Reader [ +PC ]

As a technology OCR (for pre-printed numbers) and ICR (for handwritten) are not 100% accurate like OMR so they are only used as supportive tools to help in data collection. Manual interpretation and correction is required in some cases. Applicable for English language only.


Modules Features for OMR Sheet Design and Printing

Standard OMR Sheet Designer [ +SD ]

Used for Design of new OMR sheet


Advanced OMR Sheet Designer[ +PD ]

Used for Design of calibration of externally designed sheet and design of new sheet with speciality blocks, special Cell conditions.


Variable Data Printing (VDP) [ +PE ]

Used for printing variable data using input given in Excel or Access. Used for Generation of Lithocode and Printing of Text, OCR or Barcode fields. Creation of single sheet or multi-page merged PDF. Selective printing of a series.

OMR Features Related to Modules

SDK, API & Server Integration Features

OMR-OCR-ICR API Integration and SDK [ +API ]

There is an API available for reading OMR & ICR. You pass sheet image and some parameters in API, and it returns text string of read data or it returns error code if sheet input is invalid.


Server Connectivity [ +PF ]

Forms or Tests created at HO/server can be used by all branches. Branch can read the sheets and upload data to server. Login based access. Two options for the branch terminal to work independently or bound to the server. Once license of Professional version is necessary for server connectivity feature. User will need to have SQL server with Static IP at your HO. The price is per terminal.


Result on Bulk SMS & Email (Free Desktop SMS Utility) [ +SMS ]

Send SMS for Test Schedule, Results and any other purpose using excel sheet, SMS credits must be purchased additionally. Email facility works with Online Score Board.


Best Price – All Inclusive Combo

Integrated Assessment Suite [ IAS1 ]

  1. Standard Question Paper Generator (SQ) (Question bank S/w)
  2. Online Question Bank Feature
  3. Standard Computer Based Test (Online Test)
  4. Standard OMR Answer Sheet Checker
  5. Integration of Manually Scored Tests
  6. Online Score Board (Result)

Custom Solutions for Specific Requirements

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Disclaimer: The Description of Module and Features and Composition of Combos on the website may slightly vary from the proposal document. It is likely due to lag in updating the website. In all such cases, the proposal document shall be considered as decisive.

OMR Features Related to Modules

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