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Addmen is the one of the very few Computer Based Test System provider, which you can buy and run the complete system under your ownership and security. Unlike some other providers, we do not force you to subscribe to our portal and upload your question paper and student data into our server. You are free to buy a license of the computer based Test software and deploy it on your owned server.

Computer Based Test System is a Browser based software, working on a Server-client structure. It can be used for conducting test with following setups:

  1. Web Based Online Test: where the candidate attempts the test in internet browser on a windows computer at his home or Cyber café.
  2. LAN Based Online Test in Lab: where candidate attempts test in internet browser on a computer in the institute Lab connected to the offline server in the Lab through local intranet.
  3. Offline Computer Based Test using Android Device : where the candidate temporarily connects his  Tab/ Smartphone to the Lab-server or internet-server, downloads the test on his device, solves the test offline, and later connects again through internet to upload.

Whether the product is used to conduct Online Exam where the candidates answer the tests from their homes through your website over internet or it is used to conduct Computer based test inside a Computer Lab, the work process largely remains the same.

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CBT Introduction and Operation Overview


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Available Variants

Online Test System (Standard) [ SCBT ]

Standard Computer based Test System is suitable for single institute requirement with low concurrency load (less number of candidates at same time) or Lease based buyers who are conducting Online Exam only through their website. It is suited for simple MCQ type test pattern like IBPS, NEET etc.

Online Test System (Standard+) [ SCBT+ ]

Standard PLUS Computer based Test System is suitable for Assessment service providers or Institutes with higher concurrency load per server/Lab and provides special functionality for multi branch administration. It is suited for exam patterns like IIT, SAT, NATA etc.

Online Test System (Professional) [ PCBT ]

Professional Computer Based Test System is a preferred solution for Exam Centre Service providers and is made for the purpose of volume and security required for large tests. It does not offer too many features that are relevant for over the web mock test user or practice test. Instead, it is suitable for higher concurrency load per server/Lab and distributed deployments on multiple server/Labs, where test is conducted on more than one servers and encrypted data from all server is collated to one server for processing.

Modes of Implementation

Implementation by Onetime Purchase, Licenses can be purchased for one or more servers at fixed onetime price and optional maintenance and update charges to be paid in following years.

Implementation by Annual Subscription has 1) fixed Onetime Setup Charge and 2) Annual Hosting charge based on System Usage as per chart below.

(1) User Management Features

1a Candidate Registration by Administrator Include Include Include
1b Online Candidate Registration on Website
(Standard interface)
Include Include Include
1c Import of Candidate Records from Excel Include Include Include
1d User Dashboard Notifications, Email and SMS
(Email is free of charge. New SMS API chargeable SMS to be purchased additionally as per separate package)
Include Include Include
1e Sending User Credential by Email/SMS Include Include Include
1f Multi branch Administration
(with Branch wise Admin/User control and Branch wise reporting)
- Include Include
1g IP Restricted User Login
(to login within range of campus wifi)
- - Include
1h Auditor User Account
(to preview & attempt test before launch)
- Include Include

(2) Additional Features / Modules Integration

2a Payment Gateway Integration
(Onetime Setup Charges)
Addon Addon -
2b Test allocation or Package Purchase on using payment gateway Addon Include -
2c Android App Integration
(Single server connectivity) # Refer separate proposal
Addon Addon Addon
2d E-Learning Videos and PDF
(Copy secure content, including log of viewing time and course completion monitor) plus downloadable study material and documents
Addon Addon -
2e Question Bank Software Integration
# Refer separate proposal. Price as per features and variant
Addon Addon Addon
2f Online Question Bank Facility
* Subject Level Classification
** Multi-level Classification. Depends on Question Bank Software
2g OMR Answer Sheet Checker Integration
# Refer separate proposal. Price as per features and variant
Addon Addon Addon
2h Online OMR Integration
(This Additional feature needs both Online Test and OMR Checker modules) Addon price
- Addon -
2i Manually Scored Tests
(Definition and Import of scores)
Addon Addon Addon
2j Online Feedback & Survey Module
(Standard Interface)
- Addon Addon
2k Bi-lingual Question paper Upload Include Include Include
2l Downloading of encrypted question paper - - Includ
2m Added features for Specific Test patterns like IIT, NATA, SAT, ACT, PSAT
(any one pattern. Other pattern addl. charges)
- Include Include
2n Load Handling ability for the same server Concurrency Limit
(Max number of Users that can be catered on server at the same time assuming a server with 32GB RAM, 4 Cores, Free SQL Express. Increase server config for more users
25-50 50-100 -

(3)Results and Reports

3a Online Score Board - Results Display on Website
(including Response Timing, Graphical Analysis, Test Solution and Questions for Review)
Include Include Include
3b Instant Results after Test
(depends on settings)
Include Include Include
3c Graphical Question Paper Analysis
(Test Analysis) Report
Question-Paper-Analysis-Report-Condensed.pdf Question-Paper-Analysis-Report-Expanded.pdf
Addon Include Include
3d Group/ Class Performance Comparison Report Addon Include Include
3e Upload of Youtube based Video for Test Solution Addon Addon Include

Added Reports for Specific Test patterns like SAT, ACT, PSAT
SAT Assessment Report Sample
ACT Assessment Report Sample

- Addon Include
3g Merging of multi-part tests (P1 & P2) for combined results - Include Include
3h Quizpad- In class discussion facility for test analysis - Include Include
3i Test user log Monitoring Include Include Include
3j Reverse Feedback from Test statistics to enrich Question Bank
(needs Advanced Question Bank module)
- - Include
3k Dependency of next level tests on result of previous solved tests - - Include
3l Basic Report Customization
(To add logo, title, cover page and hide existing sections. Any alteration of arrangement and addition of new info features not included)
Addon Addon Include

Addmen Online Test System Introduction

(4) Hosting Charges (in Rs.)

In case of Onetime License Purchase option:

  • NO HOSTING CHARGE- If hosted on your owned Dedicated Server or Cloud Server
  • FREE 3 MONTH HOSTING- on Addmen Cloud server for Setup and Training (for 10 concurrent users)

  • There are 3 options for Hosting:

  • Hosting on your Lab Server
  • Hosting on a Third Party Cloud Server
  • Hosting on Addmen Cloud Server

  • In case of Hosting on a Third Party Cloud Server,

  • NO HOSTING CHARGE- If hosted on your owned Dedicated Server or Cloud Server
  • Remember that Hosting for Applications is different from Web Hosting, so your webs hosting server cant be used for Online Test Hosting
  • Refer annexure “CBT(E)-Deployment-and-Performance-FAQs” to find a suitable server configuration as per your anticipated load.

  • In case of Implementation on Annual Subscription/Lease:

  • Only Hosting as per charts 4a & 4b is available for Lease option.
  • The number of registered users in a year cannot exceed more than the number of test tokens purchased in that year. But number of test purchased can be more than number of registered users.
  • No limit on number of Question Papers.

  • In case of all Hosting Plans, Period Cycle is maintained. Addition of more User Logins/ Test Tokens in between a cycle will be valid till the end of that cycle.

    (4A) Hosting Charges based on Number of Test Attempts (Depends on Concurrent Users)

    Validity 10 Users 25 Users 50 Users
    3 months 3000 4000 6000
    6 months 5000 6000 9000
    12 months 6000 8000 120000
    • Register as many users (Max Number of users = No. of test attempts purchased.)
    • When one user attempts a test, then one test is charged
    • Tests longer than 100 questions are counted as two tests.
    • Prices given in the above table are for Max. 1000 Test Attempts. For more tests, multiply accordingly.

    This Hosting Plan is suitable for users :
    • Startup Institutes, who want to invest less, till they observe the business response.
    • Institutes who want to provide Online Test as a side activity, with not much emphasis, so less participation of students is expected.
    • When client wants to host 1-2 free demo tests for web enquires.

    Example SCBT+ Lease Price for 1000 test valid for one year (C+4a): 15000 (onetime)+6000 =21000/- + GST

    (4B) Hosting Charges for Unlimited Test attempts for every user (Depends on Concurrent Users)

    User Logins 25 Users 50 Users 100 Users
    Minimum 100+ 150 180 200
    200 /300 /400+ 140/130/120 170/160/150 190/180/170
    500+ 100 130 150
    • No. of User Logins to be purchased in advance.
    • All user can attempt unlimited tests

    This Hosting Plan is suitable for users:
    • Who want to sell various type of test packages to students with variable pricing, but want to keep their expense calculation simple and straight without bothering to calculate how many tests attempted by each student.

    Example SCBT Lease Price for 100 users with unlimited tests valid for one year (C+4b): 15000 (onetime)+15000 =30000/- + GST

    (4C) Hosting Charges for Unlimited Test Attempts within fixed duration for Onetime Purchase (Depends on Concurrent Users)

    Validity 10 Users 25 Users 50 Users
    3 months 5000 10000 18000
    6 months 10000 20000 36000
    12 months 18000 36000 60000
    • This Plan not applicable for Lease option.
    • Tests should not have overlapping Active Periods i.e. at one given time only one test can be attempted by any or all candidates

    This is most Economical Hosting Plan and suitable for users who have purchased Software license and want freedom from count of tests and count of users.

    (5) Maintenance and Update Charges

    Software price includes online training, support and updates for upto one year. From the next year, Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) shall apply as per terms.

        (SCBT) (SCBT+) (PCBT)
    5a Annual Maintenance (from next Term)
    If hosted on your Lab Server or Third Party Cloud Server
    15% 15% 15%
    5b Annual Maintenance (from next Term)
    If hosted on Addmen Cloud Server
    10% 10% NA
    5c Backup facility required more than one day (annual price)
    One day backup is stored as default
    If hosted on Addmen Cloud Server
    3000/- every additional day 3000/- every additional day NA
    5d Re-setup Charge
    (in case third party server formatted or changed)
    If hosted on your Lab Server or Third Party Cloud Server
    7500/- 5000/- NA

    Terms in Brief (Detailed Terms in annexures*)

    Read more:

    1. Understanding the concept of “Load” in terms of Online Test/Services
    2. Concurrent User Logins
    3. Suggested approach for optimal use of resources for self-owned servers
    4. Delivery Stages of any Online Service or Online Test System
    5. Factors that affect the performance
    6. Server Environment factors that affect performance
    7. Network and Connectivity factors that affect performance
    8. Importance of Checking your Lab Performance
    9. Solution for Large Scale Online Exams
    10. Solution for Test in Labs using Offline Server
    11. Solution for Integrated Offline & Online Test
    12. Suggested Server configuration as per expected load
    13. High Availability Solution
    14. Be Aware! of Online Test Portals


    Best Price – All Inclusive Combo

    Integrated Assessment Suite [ IAS1 ]

    1. Standard Question Paper Generator (SQ) (Question bank S/w)
    2. Online Question Bank Feature
    3. Standard Computer Based Test (Online Test)
    4. Standard OMR Answer Sheet Checker
    5. Integration of Manually Scored Tests
    6. Online Score Board (Result)

    Disclaimer: The Description of Module and Features and Composition of Combos on the website may slightly vary from the proposal document. It is likely due to lag in updating the website. In all such cases, the proposal document shall be considered as decisive.

    Online Test Solutions

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