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Free Setup Your Own Online Test Lab

Great business opportunity for Computer Lab owners, Priceless benefits for Coaching Institutes.

Engineering and Management Colleges, Schools and computer education Institutes with idle computer labs, Convert your Lab investment into money generating machines with zero investment.

Business Opportunity and Scope

Now a days almost all Comepetitive exams are switching from OMR based pen-and-paper mode to Computer based Online Test mode.
This has forced all coaching institutions to venture into providing Online Test practice to their students.

Institutes adopt three different approaches for this:

1. Some institutes subscribes to some exam portal to provide easy online test to their students, but this arrangement is okay only for self practice tests and provide only mild exposure to the online test process.

2. Some institutes lease out the Addmen Online Test Software and attach it to their website. But again this arrangement is good only for practice tests and mild exposure to the online test screens and process.

3. MOST IMPORTANT: Some institutes want to go beyond self practice tests and basic exposure and want to conduct actual large scale mock tests to give the students actual online exam experience.

If the institute wants to conduct an actual mock test the previous two solutions running through cloud will have quite a few limitations like dependency on inconsistent internet makes the exam event vulnerable so they have to conduct the test smoothly in an offline lab.

Not only this is an upcoming requirement, but the current trend is that most coaching institutes for IIT JEE, NEET etc are already in need of computer labs where they can conduct online test of more students.

Only very few coaching classes are of capability with funds and space to setup their own small computer labs. Even the insitutes who are able to setup their own labs are obviously larger establishments with more students and they now have to face the task of planning distribution of their student in multiple batches for tests.
By taking batchwise tests, they anyway loose the purpose of common mock test event for all batches.
So essentially they need easily available large labs where they can conduct some periodic major mock exam events.

This has immensly increased requirement for well equipped computer labs in every nook and corner of the country.

Solution for the Growing Need

Addmen has been providing various types of Online Test Solutions:

  1. Online Test Software on annual Lease
  2. Online Test Software for onetime purchase for your cloud or offlie lab
  3. High avaialability online and offline Test solutions for critical exams
  4. Integrated Offline and Online Test Solution with Online Scoreboard



Simply download and install the FREE Addmen Test Interface softtware in any Lab.

You can even get free help for this free setup.

So your Lab is ready to offer online test services to institutes.

The process of setup is absolutely free.

When you get clients to use your computer lab, then only the Lab owners will pay to Addmen according to number of users.

For example: if the computer Lab charges Rs. 20/- per candidate, they will pay Addmen Rs. 5/- for whatever number of tests held.

Most importantly, the role of the lab is only to execute the test. The setup of the test and later processing and declaration of results will be done by the coaching itself without involvement of Lab.

Advantages for Labs

The Lab is equipped to cater to any type of exam.

The Lab is equipped without any cost.

The Lab will pay to Addmen on pay-per-use basis, only when the lab is used.

Lab owners can distinctly market this service to various local institutes and offer their lab for online exam.

The lab is not bound to one institute. It remains free to conduct a totally different exam of a totally different institute immediately after one exam is over and uploaded.

Advantages for Exam Institutes

Coaching institutes only pay fixed annual charges to Addmen for unlimited use.

They are already paying rent to the Lab to conduct exam. The Lab will pay to Addmen on pay-per-use basis.

Coaching institutes can be equipped with both options to conduct Online Exam on Cloud or Offline Exam in Lab.

Steps of the Exam Process

  1. Lab is ready with Addmen Integrated Assessment Suite module to conduct exam.
  2. The coaching class has subscribed to Addmen Online Test Software on Lease.
  3. The coaching class will setup the exam and upload question paper and register or import students records using the cloud interface from their office.
  4. On the day of test, press the download button in the lab to download the online setup of exam to local offline server in the lab.
  5. The process of answering the exam will be done in the offline lab.
  6. After completion of the exam, press the upload button to upload all data to the online cloud server account of that coaching
  7. The coaching will press the process and publish button on their website.
  8. Student will get their scores on the online score board in their dashboards.

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