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Technical Information about E-learning platform

1. Branding and Publishing Process

  1. You will be provided a Private Label App i.e. an Android App with “your link on playstore + your App Name + your launcher icon”, but with standard features, layout and functionality of EduApplet.
  2. After assigning the order you will be required to furnish your Logo and display banners for playstore and other contents for App as per specifications. The task of compiling your App shall commence only after all content has been received as specified.
  3. After creating your Private Labelled copy of generic EduApplet, we publish it to Google Playstore within 7 days. From this point the Google playstore will take its time 2-3 days for approval. The App may get approved as it is or Google may suggest some changes. If not approved, then the cycle of re-publishing and approval will be repeated. Kindly note that this Google response time is not in our hands. In the CoVID scene, the Google approval time may be upto 7 days or more.
  4. App may become void in between due to certain rules imposed by Google that are not met by your App.
  5. The App is hosted on the Addmen Developer Account, which displays the name of Addmen as developer. In case the customer wants to hide name of Addmen as developer, then they should create a developer account and provide Addmen access to the same. So we will upload App on the customer's developer account.
  6. In case the client wants to publish the App on his own Playstore Account, we shall provide the APP (.AAB) and Key files as per Google requirements. Further the process must be carried out by client himself.
  7. In case the customer does not have as developer account and unwilling to create one, we shall provide the APK file of the app, which the customer can host himself on his website or at any other free App hosting website.
  8. The subscribing Institute shall bear all responsibility towards content published on its account.

2. Activation of Features

  1. There are several App features available that work with appropriate Addmen Software. One of the Addmen Software is required to provide Backend Data Support to EduApplet.
  2. All features mentioned in the App feature document are not a part of standard App. Some features are provided with only specific solutions or combinations. Please confirm what you are buying, don’t assume that every feature you discussed in your initial query will be activated in App cost.
  3. Some EduApplet features may have their names or functionality changed or some features may be added, split or removed altogether from EduApplet anytime at the sole discretion of the provider.
  4. Any change in functionality, layout or customization of current features is treated as Custom App. Custom App can also be created at additional charges on case to case basis.
  5. App mode tests will allow only one test at a time. Another test can be activated only when the previous test is finished. Certain special features like Section/Question Time limit or Shuffling etc. are allowed in Computer Browser Test interface but not in APP.
  6. The Score Board facility is limited to display of test scores in tabular structure for any number of tests. If additional facility to display OMR Sheets and Graphical Analysis Report or Solution PDFs is required then corresponding for additional Web Space & Data usage Bandwidth on the Online App server should also be purchased. If App is hosted on Admen cloud server, slab wise hosting plans are available.

3. Technical Information

  1. Apps published on 31-Aug-2019 are compatible with Android OS versions from “KitKat (4.4)” to “Pie (9.0)”. However this OS compatibility range will change with time as newer versions of Android are launched. Kindly confirm OS compatibility before ordering for App and buying devices in bulk.
  2. An Android device that is to be used for Exam, ideally has to be solely meant for exam, and ensure that sufficient resources should be available to run the App and to store exam data.
  3. During the exam maximum resources are required. Some exams are lengthy, so they have more question content and they also last for 3 hours. You must have atleast 4-5 GB free space and 1-2 GB free RAM (storage requirement could be higher depending upon exam length and content).
  4. Close all other APPs when running test. Although you might have feature rich costly mobiles, fast internet, but if there is hardly any space and too many apps open so no memory left will create an adverse experience.
  5. Minimum 3G/4G data connectivity or WiFi connectivity is required for downloading and uploading the exam content. We strongly suggest to put off internet at the time of test so that other Apps running in background and other processor consuming activity can be minimized.
  6. Internet connectivity is used only for downloading and uploading the test. The test starts only after complete downloading of the test finishes.
  7. The first question is displayed only after test is fully downloaded. And connectivity stops before starting the test. After this point any slowness in display of test totally depends on resources of your device and has nothing to do with server or bandwidth.
  8. Understand that exam on App consumes much more resources than other regular App activity, so EduApplet requires more device resources and health especially when running exam. It is suggested that the users are guided properly and repeatedly to keep their personal devices in proper condition. But since the devices mostly belong to individual users, it is likely that despite all guidelines and warnings, still the device environment is inappropriate for the activity. So the user’s experience is totally dependent on the condition and resources of his device and some user complaints from personal device users will probably always remain. No one, neither institute nor we can closely monitor or inspect each user’s android device condition.
  9. Most importantly it is suggested to maintain one or few good devices in proper condition to pre- check every uploaded exam and to see that all features are working properly if the resources are available. If the exam on your device is working fine then the system is ok.
  10. To avoid dependency on user devices or to maximize uniformity, the Institute should try to cater uniform configuration devices to all users, if possible.

4. System Requirements

  1. Essential: Laptop, Webcam. Optional: Mobile, Tablet, Video Camera, Lapel mic, Smart Board, Smart pen etc.
  2. YouTube Channel with Live Streaming and Embedding enabled (Takes 24 Hrs after applying)
  3. Open Broadcaster Software https://obsproject.com/download
  4. Other Optional Softwares like Power point, Word, Excel, PDF viewers, Stream Labs etc.
  5. Microsoft Whiteboard https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9MSPC6MP8FM4
  6. Windows 10 (if Microsoft whiteboard is used)
  7. High Speed Internet connection for Live Streaming. Regular connection for recorded videos.
  8. For more details on Setting up your own server REFER: CBT(E)-Deployment-and-Performance-FAQs.pdf

5. Third Party Components

  1. Google, YouTube, OBS, Streamlabs and any other Software components mentioned in context of the solution are the properties of their respective trademark owners.
  2. The buyer of this platform must understand that we have integrated various third part components to provide a minimally priced solution. There might be watermarks or operational restrictions imposed by the third party provider. In case of ineligible youtube accounts, status can be upgraded through chargeable SEO activity or alternate platforms are available for paid subscription.
  3. The Video feature is a module that facilitates use of various services offered by YouTube using other Streaming Apps. The platform shall be of utility only till the time, all of these third party components maintain their current set of services. In case YouTube alters or suspends any of its current features, the platform may not function as desired. Addmen shall not be held liable in case any of the third party provider ceases to maintain its current set of features or quality of delivery. The client is free not to pay for the coming term, but the running month will be charged even if single hour service has been availed.
  4. More detailed Terms mentioned in Addmen(E)-Commercial-Policies-and-Terms.pdf

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