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e-Learning Comparison with Zoom

  Positive Points   Negative Points

Compare for Institutes

Eduapplet Solutions like XOOM
  • Personalized APP with Institute Name and Logo.
  • Personalized System that you can also purchase and install on your server.
  • Secure Content can be viewed by Users only inside the Institute APP or Dashboard.
  • Videos are stored in Safe Google Servers in your full access, no hassle of maintaining locally.
  • Multiple teachers can cast using single license.
  • User cannot send any indecent message because registered name and number of sender is visible.
  • Nothing Personalized. You become a part of a portal with all your data on a portal.
  • All your Student and Video Data is on a shared portal which compromises security.
  • Content is Downloadable and freely distributable as link or file.
  • Nothing is recorded or stored online. Manage your files locally after downloading.
  • There is cost per broadcaster.
  • No control over user identity. Users can enter with random names like ‘rocky123’ and create nuisance.

Compare for Student

Eduapplet Solutions like XOOM
  • Lectures are auto recorded during live session and available for replay. After Live session, the Student can replay the lecture multiple times.

  • Student will not miss anything if internet is lost, he can start again and watch where he left.
  • Student can go back during live lecture to review a topic and then return to live moment.
  • All course content- Live Lectures, Recorded videos, Readable Notes, Downloadable Assignments, Tests and Scores, Institute Notifications, Feedbacks, Queries and Complaints all at one place.
  • Attendance record of every activity is maintained.
  • Does not allow recording, storage and replay. This is how they save bandwidth and reduce cost by compromising the essential need of Self Learning.

  • If internet is lost during session, that much session is missed. Student is never able to view it back.

  • No provision to go back during live session.

  • Just Live Session. Nothing else.

  • No attendance and participation Record.

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