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OMR Sheet Checker CBSE- NEET- JEE 2021

According to the latest introduction of OMR sheets by CBSE, it has become mandatory for CBSE school to use OMR sheets and prepare their students to write their answers on OMR sheets. Addmen provides a very simple to use and most economical OMR Answer Sheet Checker software.

If you are a single Institute: The Addmen Standard Answer Sheet Checker is sufficient for you.

If you are a Multi-Branch Institute: The Addmen Web Based OMR System is the best hassle Free OMR Solution for your Multi-Branch Institution. Offering unlimited scale at lowest price.

Ready-to-Print OMR Sheets

The Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker comes ready with OMR Layouts for CBSE, NEET and IIT JEE.
The optional OMR Sheet designer, allows you to create your own unlimited designs.

OMR Layouts 2021 Code Download
STD098 NEET2021 B 112098 PDF CDR
STD096 JEE 2021 Main & Adv 112096 PDF CDR
STD024 100Q 112024 PDF CDR

Suitable for CBSE, NEET and JEE 2021 Patterns

Besides the regular MCQ requirement of CBSE, the Addmen OMR Checker is also able to cater to latest NEET and JEE 2021 patterns.

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