Scanning of OMR Sheets
Scanning of OMR Sheets
Scanning of OMR Sheets
Scanning of OMR Sheets

SAT Test Scoring Software

SAT or other examinations held outside India have a different pattern than the regular MCQ based tests and so they need features beyond regular OMR reading and comparison based result processing. These Test patterns involve more detailed definition and reporting. In case of the SAT solution, the regular functionality of OMR Answer Sheet Checker remains intact while addon features are activated. The addon upgrade for new purpose enables the software to accept scaled scores according to these SAT like test pattern and club multi-part tests taken on 2-3 sheets into one and prepare reports accordingly.


Introduction to Addmen Integrated Assessment Solution for Scoring the SAT & ACT tests

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SAT 2016 has 3 OMR sheets constituting to one Answer Sheet.

The first sheet has 1 to 60 questions from the verbal Section. Section1 has 1 to 52 questions for the reading test and Section 2 has 1 to 44 questions for the Writing and Language test.

SAT OMR Sheet 1 Template


The second OMR Sheet has 1 to 20 and 1 to 38 questions for the Math Non-Calculator and Calculator sections respectively.

SAT OMR Sheet 2 Template


The Third sheet is only for essay scoring, which is not filled by the candidate but buy the examiner.

SAT OMR Sheet 3 Template

Steps for Setting up and Scoring of the SAT Tests


Question Properties :There are Multiple property tags that can be applied for SAT.

Tag Reading Writing & Language Math
Tag1-Subject / Section Reading Writing & Language Math
Tag2-Subject Sub Type
Tag3-Question Type  
Tag4-Passage Type  
Tag5-Display Group     (No Calculator, Calculator)
Score Scheme-Difficulty


A Note on Student Produced Responses

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