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Addmen is the one of the very few Computer Based Test System provider, which you can buy and run the complete system under your ownership and security. Unlike some other providers, we do not force you to subscribe to our portal and upload your question paper and student data into our server. You are free to buy a license of the computer based Test software and deploy it on your owned server.

Computer Based Test System works on a Server-Client architecture. It can be used for conducting test with following setups:

  1. Web Based Online Test from Cloud Server : where the candidate attempts the test in browser on a windows computer connected to internet at his home or Cyber café.
  2. LAN Based Offline Test from Lab Server : where candidate attempts test in the institute Lab on a computer browser connected to the offline server through local network.
  3. Internet Free Online Test using App : where the candidate temporarily connects his Tab/ Smartphone to the cloud server using internet, downloads the test on his device, solves the test offline with no dependency on internet, and later connects again through internet to upload the data to server.

Whether the product is used to conduct Online Exam where the candidates answer the tests from their homes through your website over internet or it is used to conduct Computer based test inside a Computer Lab, the work process largely remains the same.

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CBT Introduction and Operation Overview


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Addmen Online Test System Introduction

Scalable Examination System

Addmen Computer based system has several features, various combinations of which give the product strength to cater to wide scale of requirements.

Basic features combo provides a low budget solution suitable for single branch Institutes with simple ABCD type MCQ Test pattern.

Most popular combination of features suitable for Institutes with multiple branches or Service providers with multiple subscribers. Suitable for all type of MCQ pattern like simple ABCD type, Numerical Integer and Decimal Type and Matrix Matching and comprehension type. It has more features and option to run either on cloud or in Lab or both locations as a Parent-Child combination.

Certain High end features are available which make the product Suitable for higher professional teams that conduct examination in multiple centers and encrypted data from all server is collated to one server for processing. Exam progress can be monitored on control panel.

Modes of Implementation

Implementation by Onetime Purchase, Licenses can be purchased for one or more servers at fixed onetime price and optional maintenance and update charges to be paid in following years.

Implementation by Annual Subscription has 1) fixed Onetime Setup Charge and 2) Annual Hosting charge based on System Usage as per chart below.

Computer Based Test System is available in 2 Variants

ACBT- Advanced CBT suitable for Institutes
PCBT- Professional CBT suitable for Test Series Portals, Online Admission Exams etc.

User Management Features

1a Candidate Registration by Administrator
1b Import of Candidate Records from Excel
1c Online Candidate Registration on Website
Standard interface sufficient for Enquiry Registration and sending Login Credentials Extended functionality available as Online. Application Module

User Messaging - Dashboard Notifications, Email and SMS
Email is free of charge. SMS API chargeable @ 7500/-, SMS to be purchased additionally as per separate package

Sending User Credential by Email/SMS
Send Test Schedule Notifications and Reminders by Email/SMS

Question Paper & Test Pattern Features

2a All Types of Questions
MCQs- Single/Multiple Answer type MCQs,
Numerical - Integer, Decimal, Fractional answers with negative values
Matrix Type, Text Type
2b Extended features for Subjective, Essay and Diagram Type Question
Refer e-Scoring Module
2c Online Question Bank Facility
Question Bank with Subject Level Classification
2d Extended features for Specific Test patterns
Additional Charges for every Test pattern like SAT, PSAT, ACT, CEM, NAPLAN
2e Addl. features for Psychometric Type MCQ Questions
2f Bi-lingual Question paper Upload
2g Scheduling and Time Control
Overall Test Duration, Login Time Span and Test Finishing Time Restrictions

Specific Test Allocation to Individual or Group at Specific Time

This feature is useful when same question paper is assigned to different groups at different times to manage server load or individual needs
2h Section Time and Question Time Control
Applicable as per pattern
2i Test User Management
Real time monitor for Test attendance and details of students at various level of test from Opening to Submission of Test
2j Re-opening of Test and user specific flexible allowance
Facility for Super Admin to re-allow a submitted test in special cases
2k Auditor User Account to preview & attempt test before launch

Result Related Features

3a Instant Results after Test
depends on settings

Online Score Board - Results Display on Dashboard/Website
Includes Answering Time, Graphical Analysis, Test Solution and Questions Review

  • Individual Test Assessment Report
    • Detailed Graphical Analysis and Comparison with Top Performers
    • Section wise and Sub-Section/Topic wise Score Analysis
    • Difficulty Level wise Score Analysis
    • Question wise Response Statistics and Analysis
  • Graphical Question Paper Analysis (Test Analysis) Report
  • Group/ Class Performance Comparison Report
3c Merging of multi-part tests (P1 & P2) for combined results
3d Dependency of next level tests on result of previous solved tests
Customized logic as per user requirement. Additional price.
3e Basic Report Customization
To add logo, title, cover page and hide existing sections. Any alteration of arrangement and addition of new info features not included
3f Upload of Youtube based Video for Test Solution Video Module of the LMS System is required. Refer e-Learning Proposal

Security Features

4a Multiple Device Login Restrictions for App
4b Multiple Computer Login Restriction for Browser
App Browser Utility to be installed on user computer
4c IP Restricted User Login (to login within range of campus wifi)
App Browser Utility to be installed on user computer
4d Downloading of encrypted question paper

Additional Functionality / Modules Integration

5a Payment Gateway Integration (Onetime Setup Charges)
Standard Interface for Test Purchase

Test Package Selling
Includes setting of Test price and creation of packages with combination of multiple Tests. Buyable Tests are listed in Dashboard for purchase.

Test Purchase Interface for Website
Standard interface showing list of Tests and Packages with price

Admission Fee Payment
Limited to payment transaction of Fixed amount Admission Form Fee payment from Browser/App. For more detailed distribution and Fee accounts, add Fee module.
5b Android App
Besides providing freedom from dependence on Internet connectivity during Test, the App also provides access to several allied eLearning modules.
Notifications, Video Lectures, Study Material, Misc. Docs & Links, Homework and Assignments, Attendance, Tests and Results, Doubts Sessions, Help Desk, Feedback, Accounts, Profile etc.
Each feature has an additional modular price or combo price.
5c Web Based OMR Module
For uploading and Self Scoring of OMR Sheet by Students
Needs both OMR and CBT modules as base
5d e-Valuation/e-Scoring Module
Online Scoring and Review of Subjective Answers scripts by Examiners.
This feature is useful for Tests with Essay and Diagram Type Questions.
5e Quiz Pad Module
On Screen Questions during class with instant Response Analysis Graph.
Most effective to ensure Student attentiveness and participation in Online Classes.
5f Standard OMR Answer Sheet Checker Module
Refer separate proposal for features and terms as per variant
5g Manually Scored Tests Module
Definition of Exams and Import of Manual scores
5h Standard Question Bank Software Module
To maintain a bank of Questions with Multi-Level classification. Refer separate proposal for features and terms as per variant
5i Advanced Question Paper Generator
Required for Reverse Feedback from Test statistics to enrich Question Bank and Online Bank for Dynamic Question paper with Multi-Level Classified questions
5j Online Feedback & Survey Module
User Defined Questionnaires with Standard Interface and Reporting.
Standard Questionnaires included when this module is complementary.
5k Prepaid Token/Discount Coupon based purchase system
5l Multi branch Administration
Central Admins can administer Tests for any of the Branches
Admins from respective branches can register or import students, create tests and view results for their own branches.
5m Additional Child License for Lab Server
The child instance is lighter and focused on single common test for all users at one time. Being focused minimizes the load on child sever so that even more users can be served from a lower configuration server.
5n Lab Test Simulation Utility
For checking network bottlenecks and delivery speed on the terminals
Required where Tests are being conducted either in Lab or on a user established Server and Network, other than professional Cloud Service provider.
5o API Integration
Register/Edit/Delete Student in other Portal and Sync with Test Server
Open Test interface from other portal dashboard after validation
Receive Payment Request after item selection from interface in other portal

Cloud Hosting

There are 3 options for Hosting:

1) Hosting on your Lab Server – No hosting Charge
2) Hosting on a Third Party Cloud Server – Third Party will charge
3) Hosting on Addmen Cloud Server – Addmen will Charge

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