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Important Information about EduApplet Service Activation and Implementation Procedure

EduApplet Feature Required Addmen Software Basic Pack Test Pack ECAS Pack
Notifications - None - EduApplet Service Activation and Implementation EduApplet Service Activation and Implementation EduApplet Service Activation and Implementation
Opportunities - None - Opportunities Opportunities Opportunities
E-learning - None - E-learning E-learning  
QuizPad-Online Test Online Test Software   EduApplet Service Activation and Implementation  
QuizPad-OMR Test OMR Software and Online Test Software    
QuizPad-Class Quiz OMR Software and Online Test Software    
Score Board OMR Software or Online Test Software  
Discussion Forum - None -
Feedback Online Test Software    
Downloads - None -
Useful Links - None -
Help Centre - None -
Profile & Click Pix - None -
Course Monitor ECAS with Academic & Attendance Module    
Attendance ECAS with Attendance Module    
Time Table ECAS with Timetable Module    
Accounts ECAS with Accounts Module    
Library ECAS with Library Module    


  1. Prepaid PIN & Passwords sets are provided to the Institute, which they can allot to their students.

  2. Institute may or may not charge its registered users for the facilities that it provides.

  3. A subscriber institutes's account shall remain active only if minimum 250 new pins are purchased or 250 old pins activated in one year.

  4. A PIN must be activated within one year of allotment.

  5. Activated PINs will continue to be active for one year, provided the subscriber institutes's account is active.

  6. Unused PINs which have not been activated within one year can be carried forward to next year only if new PINs are purchased next year.

  7. An activated PIN which is due to expire can be extended for one more year by consuming an unused pin


  1. Android EduApplet is a shared App for Smartphones & Tablets running on Android OS.

  2. The shared version is co-branded i.e. it displays the Name of the Institute along with Logo of EduApplet.

  3. Your Institute Name is shown throughout the EduApplet after Login.

  4. The shared version displays content from other providers also.

  5. Institute can get some active features in the App deactivated at an additional charge.

  6. Features marked with Blue (Opportunities, E-Learning, Online Test, Useful Links) have an option of allowing or disallowing incoming content and traffic from other subscribers. Ads, Messages, Video, Tests and any other content from other providers can be restricted at an additional price.

  7. Custom & Dedicated Android App, Private labelled with Institute Logo and Name and having standard or limited features of EduApplet can also be created at an additional charge.

Backend Resources

  1. One of the Addmen Software is required to provide Backend Data Support to EduApplet.

  2. Names of Addmen Softwares mentioned above refer to advanced or upcoming versions.

  3. EduApplet can be activated for all new users of Addmen softwares version 16.

  4. Eduapplet can be activated for existing users of Addmen using version 15 or earlier, only if software AMC for all softwares is paid till 2016.

  5. Online ECAS account will be provided with limited Access required for App administration. ECAS is abbreviation for Enhanced Campus Automation System.

  6. Those who are using Offline ECAS can upgrade to Online Browser ECAS by paying difference.

  7. Subscribing Institute will need to purchase SMS credits to send Verification Code to users through SMS. Web Space & Data usage Bandwidth on the Online App server should also be purchased to upload OMR sheets, PDFs and downloadable content.

  8. The institute is suggested to maintain minimum SMS balance equal to 5 times the number of allotted PINs at all times.

Invitation & Publicity

  1. EduApplet shall send auto invites by SMS to the members of the subscribing institute to download and install App. The expense of this SMS will be borne by EduApplet. The institute SMS credit will not be deducted for the purpose.

  2. The list of phone numbers on which EduApplet should send free invites has to be provided by the subscriber.

  3. The list of Numbers can be max 5 times as long as the number of PINs purchased.

External Server Connectivity

  1. EduApplet is a shared App that can only be leased out, and run from Addmen server. Even in case of connectivity with purchased ECAS or Online Test Software licenses.

  2. In case of connectivity from External server, the Web Hosting and Data Transfer Bandwidth charges are NOT applicable.

  3. If the client desires to run the App solely from a third party server, then custom version has to be developed for the client.


  1. In case of connectivity with third party server, the efficiency of the App will purely depend on the efficiency of the server.

  2. Some EduApplet features may have their names or functionality changed or some features may be added, split or removed altogether from EduApplet anytime at the sole discretion of the provider.

  3. The subscribing Institute will have to sign an Undertaking, acknowledging all responsibility towards content published on its account.

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