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Android Eduapplet offer the best way to gather online Feedback and surveys directly from the users

With Eduapplet, the institute can reach out and stay connected all time to all its members whether student or staff. And so with this the information gap is also minimized. It is now very convenient to get quick feedbacks and opinion polls without planning any specific event.

No need of OMR sheets. No need of Computer labs for taking online feedbacks. With the increased flexibility, reach and ease of operation you can quickly take surveys on anything and everything. Many ready to use feedback questionnaires are already available on the App like: Faculty Feedback, Institute Feedback, Hostel & Campus Feedback, Training Program Feedback etc.

A user can submit a feedback only once. More Feedback Questionnaires can be added by the organization.

Feedback Application Software
Feedback Application Software
Feedback Application Software

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Feedback Application Software

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