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Android Eduapplet allows to upload unlimited E-Learning video lectures for your students

E-learning and video lectures is the buzz of the hour. Upload unlimited hours and GBs of your video lectures and telecast them as fast as YouTube.

The two prevalent methods i.e. CD and Online Account have their limitations. In case of CDs, the institute needs high volumes to get the CDs copy protected at an economical cost, so it is really difficult for startups. In case of online Accounts, password sharing cannot be stopped.

Eduapplet provides an absolutely free method to disseminate your video lectures without having to bother about CD copying or Password sharing. This method is as restricted as single user CD and as easy to distribute as online stuff.

Upload your videos to Eduapplet, which can be viewed only using Eduapplet account. One Eduapplet account is limited to one device at a time, so there is no password that can be shared.

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