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Android Eduapplet Quiz Pad for Online Tests, Class Quiz and Instant Results

This could be the most beneficial feature providing excellent academic advantage to the registered members of Eduapplet.

Now Online Tests or CBTs are not limited to computer screen. With Eduapplet Quiz Pad the students can attempt online tests created by their institute on their android devices. The system is very similar to the test on computer screen, but is more efficient because more students can take part without need of much infrastructure.

Online Test Software Application
Online Test Software Application
Online Test Software Application
Screenshot of Computer based Test Screen on Android App

Eduapplet also offers free Test papers of different subjects from Primary to PG level courses. These test papers are generated from a huge bank of 500,000 questions. The choice of test papers is numerous with one test paper per subject being added every day. These test papers are being created by the academic experts from the institutes that are registered with Eduapplet. The institute in turn gets publicity as the advertisement of that institute who has created the paper is shown at the bottom of the test page.

Android Quizpad- A hybrid OMR-Online Test Interface with combined features

One remarkable feature is the class quiz, which is almost similar to pen & paper based MCQ test, but without OMR sheet. The question paper is provided as a regular printed paper, but instead of the OMR sheet, the student marks the responses on his android device. This avoids the hassle of printing scanning and reading OMR sheets, the data is collected quickly and all the desired reports can be obtained before the class is over.

Screenshot of dynamic Hybrid OMR sheet on Android App
Teacher Control panel to view instant Response Statistics on his computer screen

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