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OMR & IT Solutions
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Advanced OMR Design Features

Calibration of Pre-Printed Sheet/ Advance Design

  1. Externally designed/pre-printed sheets that are suitable and fulfil requirements about grid and index points can be calibrated in software.
  2. Allows to trace a pre-printed sheet by using its image as background.
  3. Allows grid-free placement of OMR blocks by manual movement or by alteration of coordinates at the time of sheet design.
  4. Allows to place blocks outside the indexed area in all directions this is helpful in sheet calibration.
  5. Can be customized to attend sheets with misaligned rows & columns or with improper or insufficient index points that do not form a rectangle.
  6. Allows to use layouts pre-designed in Word Documents in background to be used for placement guidelines to create new OMR sheet design.
Advanced OMR Design Featuress
Calibration of Pre- printed Sheet

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Advanced OMR Design Featuress

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