How to handle OMR Sheets
How to handle OMR Sheets
How to handle OMR Sheets
How to handle OMR Sheets

Guidelines for Handling OMR Sheets

To avoid the unnecessary punching and stapling of the sheets, the OMR sheets should be kept properly as per serial numbers in the envelope.

Handle the OMR sheet with care

The OMR Reader Software will automatically reject the damaged sheet. Addmen OMR Sheet Checker software is not much affected by the minor damages. But what if your examination body is using any other software to check the sheet. So handle the sheet with care.

If we punch, tie, staple or pin the OMR Sheets, the OMR Sheet reader software might get disturbed while reading the sheet. The staple pins might damage the hardware of the machine.The Same thing may happen if thread is used for punching and clipping. Punching the sheet will create on the sheet which will be considered as a black mark as the light passes through it. This black mark might mislead the scanner of the software system. Clipping can affect the lenses as white powder is leftover after removal of the clip.Since Addmen OMR Reader does not have a Timeline, it only has index point on 4 corners of the sheet which are far enough from the location of the punch, then because of this there is not conflict if two black marks are created on the left edge of the paper. Therefore, avoid punching, clipping and stapling the OMR sheet.

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