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Online Application with fee payment through Bank Challan / payment gateway

Online Application Systems are classified in to 3 categories according to the Process of Fee Payment

  1. No Application Fee
  2. Pre-Application Fee Payment
  3. Post-Application Fee payment

Methods of Application Fee Payment

Either of the following methods can be adopted:

Online Application Process with Fee Payment through Bank Challan Deposit

Online Application Process with Fee Payment through Payment Gateway or Net Banking

Online Application Process - Step by Step illustration

Step 1: Start from the Website

All the Registration/Application Process begins at the Recruitment Webpage on your Website.

A webpage dedicated to recruitment having information about dates and process is made on website. Online Application system is connected to it.

Step 2: Brief Registration for Pre-Application Payment

In case of Pre-application Payment approach, the Candidate will make a brief registration and move to payment procedure.

There are two options: Either Payment Gateway or Deposit of Bank Challan.

Step 3: Payment Validation before beginning of Application form

In case of Pre-Application Fee Payment process, after the brief registration a Bank challan is generated which the candidate will pay at bank and receive a Transaction no. This Transaction no. is important to begin the next process.

In case of Post-Application Fee Payment Process both the step 2 for pre-registration and step 3 for Pre-application Payment Validation is skipped and the candidate can directly begin with filling the Application Form as shown in next step.

Step 4: Fill Complete Application Form.

The application form can be a multipage multistep form with organized clusters of information. Several filter conditions can be applied at this stage to filter out down the non-eligible applicants.

Step 5: Post Application Payment Step Same As Step 2

But No Registration Is Required Because Application Is Already Filled.

Step 6 : Print Your Form

The candidate can print a copy of Form to keep safe for reference. Some application processes also demand the applicat to submit a hard copy of the form by post.

Online Application Process with Submission of Hard Copy Form By Post & Payment By DD/Cheque

Online Admit Card Download

Administrator Dashboard & Scrutiny and Reports

Test is conducted through OMR and Result Published on Website.

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