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Multiple Choice Question Software

The MCQ test paper generator software comes with various features. You have a question bank software where you can store questions of different subjects and topics in an organized way. It helps you to create different types of questions quickly. Moreover, it also has a question shuffling software that allows you to create different sets of one single question paper.

Apart from the features mentioned above, the software has another feature which is called the analysis feature. The questions in the question bank can be categorized into different sections, including the level of difficulty. This is decided by the teacher who teaches the subject. However, what may seem to be difficult at present may not be so in the future. As the question bank stores questions for a long time, the question may be chosen wrongly for its level of difficult.

The MCQ test paper maker software question analysis feature analyses the answers provided by the student on every question over the course of several years. The analysis makes it possible for the software to assign a difficulty level to every question as per the proficiency of the students in answering them.

The presence of the question analysis feature in the MCQ test paper software makes it more efficient and full proof in creating good question papers.

MCQ Test Paper Maker Software
MCQ Test Paper Maker Software

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