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Advanced OMR Software with Multi-lingual Interface for Professional use

The Professional version is suggested if you have special requirements to fast process very high volumes. It reads black marks and collects data from OMR sheets into SQL backend instead of Access for High speed - High Volume. It allows parallel processing of multiple folders with multiple instances running simultaneously on the same computer.

Several advanced addon modules are available for professional use like, the advanced OMR Sheet designer, which is used by professional teams to calibrate the externally designed or pre-printed OMR sheets into the software for reading. The advanced version allows for parallel running of multiple instances of the software on the same work station to cater to multiple folder feeds, all at the same time to increase the processing speed. It allows for merging of data obtained from various instances into one data source for singular processing.

The variable data printing module helps to create OMR sheets with unique barcodes or other field of data pre- printed on the sheet. This module also helps to create merged PDFs of various sheet layouts created from the software to create multipage OMR forms or answer scripts.

The integrated Assessment suite has a multilingual interface that supports most languages including Arabic. It is remarkable that this interface also allows user defined text labels. So if you want to use the word “Test Setup” in place of “Define Test” , it is perfectly OK

Multilingual OMR Software
Screenshot of Multilingual Interface (Arabic) OMR Software
Multilingual OMR Software

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