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All About OMR Scanner for OMR Sheet Scanning

The Addmen OMR software reads and evaluates the OMR sheets after they have been scanned. So the first step is to scan the sheets. You do not require any special scanner for this purpose. A regular image scanner is all you need to scan the OMR sheets.

Image Scanner Model for OMR Sheet Scanning in India

We have provided a list of ADF image scanners for OMR sheet scanning in India. Most of these scanner models are economic and at the same time have a good performance.

*The price of the scanners may differ slightly as per manufacturer.

Models Scanner Specs MRP* Addmen Price*
Canon DR-C225 25 ppm, Duplex, 30 Sheet ADF pocket 29995 27000
Fujitsu SP-1120 20 ppm, Duplex, 30 Sheet ADF pocket 26000 23500
Fujitsu SP-1125 25 ppm, Duplex, 30 Sheet ADF pocket 34000 30500
Fujitsu SP-1130 30 ppm, Duplex, 30 Sheet ADF pocket 40000 36000
Avision 176U 30 ppm, Duplex, 30 Sheet ADF pocket 28000 25000

OMR Scanner Price in India

Starting Range > The basic model of ADF scanner is available between Rs. 8000 and Rs. 10000. Such scanners can scan up to 10 OMR sheets in a minute. So if you have to scan around 1000 sheets at a time, such scanners are perfect. They are good and durable too.

Professional Range > If you have a high workload, it is best to go for a professional range of ADF scanners. These are available at the range of Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 90,000. The lower end of such scanners can scan 20-30 sheets every minute while the high end ones can scan 80-120 pages every minute.

OMR Software v/s OMR Scanning Machines

There are two types of OMR solutions available in the market; one is the OMR software and the other is OMR scanning machine.

OMR Software
(New Process – Recommended)

The software reads sheets that are scanned using regular scanner. You can either use a flatbed scanner or an ADF scanner. Image scanners which are available at inexpensive rates can also be used

OMR Scanning Machine
(Conventional Process – Obsolete)

The OMR scanner machine has an inbuilt scanner and a data processing software. These machines are expensive and special, thick sheets are required for scanning.

OMR Reader Scanner

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