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OMR & IT Solutions
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About OMR Test

OMR tests are usually used for objective type questions where multiple choice questions are used. In such tests, there are several questions and each question has four to five options. In space of answers, there are bubbles or boxes which have to be filled by the candidates. The dark marks on the bubbles are recorded by the Addmen OMR software which also generates the results. The OMR test is used for several entrance exams in India like UPSC, IIT JEE, CA-CPT, MH-CET, CPMT, AIEE, Bank PO, etc.
Introduction to Addmen OMR-OCR-ICR Software Solution

OMR Test Pattern

The OMR test pattern is different for different examinations. The Addmen OMR software has the ability to evaluate the answers of various test patterns. While most examinations have a marking system where every right answer is given positive marking, there are those examinations where every wrong answer is provided with negative marking. It is also possible to provide different marking schemes to various sections in the same question paper.

Examples of OMR Tests

As mentioned earlier, the OMR tests are used for entrance examinations where multiple choice questions. Apart from this, it is also used for recruitment tests, surveys, psychometric assessment etc. The sheets are scanned using a regular scanner and then the OMR software reads the dark spots on the sheets and provides results. All types of objective examination patterns in India and other countries are supported by this software.

MCQ Test OMR Sheet Format

While most examinations have a common pattern and need standard 50 question, 100 question, 200 question OMR sheet or like, some other important examinations like IIT JEE, SSC, CPT etc. have their own pre-defined OMR sheet layouts. Hence, Addmen offers many ready to use standard layouts as well as examination specific layouts like IIT OMR Sheets or SSC OMR Sheets as a facility for its users to download sample sheets with the help of its Free Sync facility. This free OMR Test Sheet layout sync facility is also quite useful for institutes that have various branches. The sheets that are created in one institute can be easily shared with other the other branches.

OMR Test Sheet
OMR Test Sheet
OMR Test Sheet

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