Online OMR Software

While there are several online test prep websites helping the students to practice for exams by providing them access to question banks and online practice tests, but still just answering to online test prep questionnaires is not sufficient as most exams are still being conducted on OMR sheets. So it is utmost important for the candidate to practice on the actual OMR sheet to be able to deliver his hundred percent on the day of exam. It is rather better than knowing all the answers and making some blunder in handling the OMR sheet. This is where the Online OMR finds its use.

The Online OMR Software is an excellent tool that can be used by Institutes and Individual Students and that perfectly complements the objective of Test Prep centers and Practice Books for Test Prep published by several leading publishing house for several exams like SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT in the USA and the Eleven plus exams like CEM and GTPlus in the United Kingdom and the Selective Trial and Opportunity Class (OC) Trial, Naplan Tests being conducted in Australia.

The online OMR Test Sheet Checker Software adds a touch of real competition,

Whether it is a Test arranged by a Test Prep Centre or the OMR sheet obtained from a test prep practice Questions book, these OMR sheets can be filled and self evaluated by the candidate using an online accessible OMR test sheet checker software, which can be accessed on the basis of login credentials provided by the institute. Since all the participants of the test, spread over the country can upload their OMR sheet responses for the same test to a single platform, they would get a countrywide rank that makes actual sense rather than each student practicing in isolation.

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