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OMR & IT Solutions
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  1. Product Features mentioned in this website are super set of all features spread over all versions of the Standard/ Professional/ Web variants of the Software products or their specific modules. Some features may not essentially be a standard inclusion of the version and variant of the product under procurement. In all cases the composition of product including its modules and features mentioned in the proposal will be considered as final and binding.

  2. The Description of Module and Features and Composition of Combos on the website may slightly vary from the proposal document. It is likely due to lag in updating the website. In all such cases, the proposal document shall be considered as decisive.

  3. Procurement of any of the Software, Service or Solution from Addmen assumes that the user has properly read and understood the features of the product.
  4. In case of Browser/Server based products either purchased or leased or subscribed on pay-per-use basis or annual rent, kindly read the document “E-Online-Services-Performance.PDF” and "CBT(E)-Deployment-and-Performance-FAQs.pdf " to know about all the factors affecting performance and make client side arrangements accordingly. We shall not be responsible for any under delivered performance if the procured product/ service is not supported with its specified support infrastructure.
  5. Any information about examination pattern and OMR Sheet designs shown on any of our websites have been collected from the internet and various other sources. We do not make any claim related to the authenticity of the examination details or OMR Sheet Format pertaining to the actual examination pattern as announced by the authorized body conducting that examination.

  6. Wherever throughout our website or in any of our documents, the names of software companies and products like Microsoft, Access, Excel, Word, SQL, CorelDraw or Ink scape etc. are used, these names have been used to refer to third party software which are the property of their respective Trade Mark owners.
  7. We make no claims that any of the third party organizations or products referred on our website, endorse any of our products.


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