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End User License Agreement

  1. The product is a proprietary and Registered Trademark entity of the developer. The rights to reproduce are reserved with the owner of the trademark.
  2. Source code in any form is not provided.
  3. In case any violation of license terms is observed, the developer retains the right to refuse any further transfer of license key. However, the user may keep using their currently active license.
  4. This product is sold, in form of a USB Device and Software Driver on CD Media/ Web link.
  5. The ownership of the end-user is limited to the purchased copy of Device & Driver. The end-user is allowed to use his copy of Device and Software Driver Media for his own use only.
  6. The end-user can use his purchased copy till the time he retains and keeps his Device & Software Driver Media safe. There is no time limit to the use of the software.
  7. End user License is valid for lifetime. If client maintains a backup of last Setup installed then they can reinstall it anytime later.
  8. For Desktop based Software one copy of standalone License is allowed to be installed for one PC at a time. There is provision to run the software on more than one computers depending upon the chosen license option.
  9. For Browser based Software one copy of License is allowed to be installed for one Server. The server may be located in Lab or hosted on cloud. The software can be used by end users on more than one computers.
  10. Product Security and License Key:
    A hardware lock (dongle) may be provided to deter piracy, so that at a time one license will run at one PC or one LAN or one Server (in case of browser based).

  11. In case a Network based license for Desktop based software is purchased, this copy of license can be used for multiple PCs connected to one LAN.
  12. Hardware lock may or may not be provided in case of use of Browser based softwares procured on Lease of pay-per-use mode.
  13. License Options
    It is the sole discretion of the company whether to make provide one or all of the  licensing options for a client. You may kindly specifically ask which License option holds good. In case of no such confirmation Dongle based license option 1 shall be considered as default provision.License Option 1 (for increased mobility only for desktop application): If the user wants to use the same license on multiple computers or want to change computers frequently, then Software can be installed on multiple computers, and the unregistered USB key (dongle) should be used. This will allow the user to run the software at any computer wherever the USB key is inserted. In case of loss of such an Un-registered License Dongle, the license cannot be blocked, hence a new USB License Dongle may be purchased at the full license price.
  14. License Option 2 (for increased safety): The computer on which the software is intended to be used is registered against the license. Software runs only when dongle is inserted on registered computer. In this case if the License Dongle is lost, it becomes useless as it cannot be used anywhere except a registered computer, so a new Dongle may be purchased at the nominal price of Dongle plus Shipment charges. If the computer registered earlier becomes dysfunctional, the license can be conveniently moved to another computer on request. This change of computer can be done upto a maximum of 5 times in a lifetime for any license or maximum upto 5 computers can be registered for any license.
  15. There is provision to register softkey on single cloud Server/PC where USB lock cannot be inserted. This will allow the user to run the software at any one registered computer at one time without regular use of USB Dongle.
  16. In case there is need to transfer soft license key to other server/PC, it is chargeable @ INR 5000 and can be done maximum once in a calendar year and maximum 5 times in the lifetime of a license, provided all previous years maintenance dues should be clear and current support term should be active.
  17. Charges Related to License Key
    If the USB key is defective and does not run at all even once on receipt, it will be replaced free of cost.

  18. In any of the cases, if the dongle is physically damaged, the damaged dongle must be returned and a new USB Dongle may be purchased at the price of Dongle (approx.. INR1500 /USD25) plus taxes and Shipment charges. These prices may change without notice.
  19. In case of overseas users, in case of procurement of softwares in which the USB dongle is required, we shall send one spare dongle to avoid any hindrances in working in case one dongle becomes unresponsive, the other one is activated.
  20. In case of Browser based Softwares on Lease, the end-user is liable to make a deposit of INR 1000 for the USB dongle. In the event of discontinuation of subscription, the security money paid for the USB dongle is fully refunded.
  21. Operating System and supporting software licenses to be arranged by client where software is installed on client’s owned or outsourced PC/Server.

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