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Installation, Activation, Setup and Initial Training Terms

  1. Setup of the software is provided to the client for independent either in CD or in form of downloadable link. However, downloadable link is suggested as it is updated regularly.
  2. An illustrated User's Guide of the software can be accessed online. It can also be accessed online from within the software.
  3. Standard Software shall be deployed within __ working days of receiving order.
  4. Training, Technical support and updates can be availed free of charge till the end of warranty period for the software or service.
  5. Warranty period for the software or service is for one year from date of sale unless otherwise stated.
  6. The period and provisions of Warranty for any hardware provided alongwith the software or sold separately depend on the warranty terms of the manufacturer and must be availed directly from the manufacturer or authorized dealer.
  7. License/Account Activation, Installation, Training, Technical support or Customizations commence only after 100% payment dues are clear.
  8. License/Account Credentials and Technical support for Installation, Setup and Training, and further technical help is rendered through email, telephone or desktop sharing.
  9. Training of all modules shall be in phases and can be started on next day of deployment. However, if suitable at both ends, training can also be started on the same day of deployment.
  10. Training of all implemented modules shall be accomplished in _____ days.
  11. Support is provided on basis of ticket logged from website Addmengroup.com.
  12. Customizations (if any) are initiated after completion of training of standard software as per the terms for customization stated ahead in this document.

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