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Technical Support and Update Terms after Warranty

  1. All users must understand that Annual Support Contract for technical support is like an insurance where less amount is prepaid to cover a larger benefit. As in case of any insurance, the charges for installment are much lesser than the cost of actual damage. However, the insurance installment has to be paid before the period of cover. Insurance cannot be paid after the accident.
  2. On completion of 1 year of purchase, client shall be suggested to pay Annual Support Charges to receive technical support and regular updates available for the standard product.
  3. The Annual Support and Update Charge is to be paid in advance every year.
  4. Annual Support Charges will allow the client to upgrade the software to a newer available version of the features currently active on the client account.
  6. Annual Support Term should not be confused with Software License Term. Expiry of Annual Support term is not Expiry of License. If you have purchased a Addmen Software license, your License is valid for lifetime.
  7. Though paying the Annual Support Charge is not mandatory, still it is good to have an active support available for technical products like software so that the work does not get stuck at any point. 
  8. Client who do not want to pay Annual Support charges, may maintain a backup of their last working Installable setup & Installed Software folder. The backup should be kept safe so that they can reinstall it themselves anytime later as they will not be entitled to install updated version from the website.
  9. As obvious, no company can provide lifetime free support and updates as it costs time and money. Thus the clients are required to pay an annual fee, in case they may need technical support or wish to upgrade the software. However, without an active Annual Support Contract, it is not feasible for us to extend any sort of technical help. If our support is required in installation and operation of latest version, the update and support price shall be charged.
  10. Clients not willing to pay Annual Support Charges may ask for help before the end of their free support term. After this date, any technical support shall be extended only if annual support charges are paid.
  11. Annual Support cost is charged starting at 10% per year of the solution price only if paid in advance before the start of term.
  12. Annual Support Charge is proposed to increase @ 5% after every three years. However, if it is observed that the client installation and processes are settled and services required under the Annual Support Contract are minimal, then this increment of 5% in annual charges might be waived off.
  13. Clients who pay annual support charges regularly every year without gap and timely before expiry of their active support term, shall continue paying at 10%.
  14. Annual Support term matches with the calendar year i.e for 01-Jan to 31-Dec in order to sync with the launch of new version and major updates that come up every year in January. Annual support charge is payable before January every year.
  15. This implies that a client who has procured the software in Aug16 will be required to pay Annual Support Charges for next year in Aug17. He may pay for 4 months (Sep17-Dec17). However, if the client pays AMC upto Dec-2018 (for 12+4 months), they can avail a 25% discount for the extended term by paying for 12+3 months.
  16. In any case technical support term is valid only till 31 Dec of that year, even if the Annual Support Charges was paid very late in December.
  17. Clients who have not paid their Annual Support Charges for the current term, and if they need technical support anytime during an unpaid term, they are required to pay support/update charges as quoted on case to case basis for every support.
  18. Clients who wish to make delayed payment for Annual Support charges after the start of current term shall be charged @ 20% of the solution price.
  19. Clients who have skipped their Annual Support charges for more than one term, and have obviously not updated the software must stay informed that we cannot provide technical support on versions of software that are older than an year, so mostly when support is required, we have to update the software to current version to be able to provide support, for which the client will be charged accordingly.
  20. Clients who have skipped their annual support charge for more than one term, and if they need technical support anytime during an unpaid term, they are required to pay support/update charges as quoted.
  21. It is on the sole discretion of the company whether to provide updates to such clients.
  22. Annual Support Charge does not include customizations for creating new reports, or adding new features or change in functionality of existing modules.
  23. Annual support charge does not include onsite visits.
  24. Annual support charges do not cover any of the hardware products, sold. Additional charges shall apply for support and maintenance coverage of hardware products.

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