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OMR & IT Solutions
Certified ISO 27001 & 9001

Tentative Implementation Plan

Seq Process/Steps Activity Timeline
1 Pre Purchase Process Enquiry > Communication > Proposal > Discussion > Demonstration  
2 Purchase Process Approval > PO > Advance  
3A Post Purchase process FOR Desktop based Software Client’s PC Setup with internet connectivity and Requisite Software to be done by client, guided by Addmen.
Client to provide Logo, Title and requirement for sheet design.
Day 1-2
3B Post Purchase process FOR Browser based Software Client’s Server Setup with internet/StaticIP connectivity and Requisite Software to be done by client, guided by Addmen. In case of Purchase option and establishment on third party server, the efficiency and timeline of training and support purely depends on Client’s Server connectivity.
Account Setup on Addmen Server in case of Lease
Client must provide Logo, Title and proposed Candidate Registration fields and Test structure
Website Interface and Connectivity
A white labelled link is provided to be added on your website to access the OLT instance from server.
Alternative Login Box code is provided to be added on the website
Alternative Online Candidate Registration Code is provided to be integrated on the website.
Day 1-3 Provided Same Day when Server /Account Setup is done.
Linking time depends upon Client Website Manager
4 Training Training of the basic operation steps involved in daily operation like test definition and checking, student registration and fee collection etc.
Training of advanced processes./ Administrative steps like sheet design or fee plan setup etc. is given at a gap of few days after practice of basic operation steps.
Provided same day or next day of completion of step 3.
5 Practice User works all that taught in basic training, asks queries, get answers, revises all. For 2-3 days as per OK of the client
6 Flag-off All Practice Data is cleared, Test IDs are aligned and database clean and reset.
Ideal Flag-off time for client desktop is 3-5 days.
Ideal Flag-off time for client server is 7-10 days.
Ideal Flag-off time for Addmen server is 5-7 days.
As per OK of the user.
7 Customizations If discussed, approved and paid.
Entertained only after certain days and volume of usage, when the user is actually well versed with system and in a position to demand reasonable changes and understand implications.
Delivered in Next Monthly cycle.

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  11. Tentative Implementation Plan

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