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Terms for Customization and additional Managed Services

  1. Any change required in the product outside the scope of the current package of standard features shall be treated as customization and entail additional charges on case to case basis. Charges are subject to judgment by the technical team.
  2. Any request to customize, add or remove any feature from the standard product if acted upon, shall void any requests existing or future requests for withdrawal of the project and any claims related thereto. Thus the user must judge all feasibility or suitability of the software before asking for any customizations.
  3. We prefer not to charge for minor changes in report layouts or procedures as customization, and keep it free of charge to the extent possible, if they are rarely required not exceeding 5 changes for an account.
  4. However, to make the most of this provision, it is suggested that the user spends sufficient time in understanding and operating the software before presenting the list of customizations. Any customizations are undertaken after acknowledgement of delivery of proper demonstration and training and satisfactory working of the base product.
  5. Also, it is important to acknowledge that, the work process in these software systems have evolved after many years of inputs, back-and-forth alterations and addition-and-deletion of various features and then have settled onto something that is most generic and widely beneficial. A user might suggest a change based on a limited vision for the facilitation of his current need, but might not have a comprehensive understanding of all that is to follow while the developers who have been doing this for years are aware of the implications in further steps. So we appreciate positive discussion regarding the need of a customization and to critically analyze its implications.
  6. Sometimes a new user, who is exposed only to his specific work requirements and does not have an elaborate knowledge of all possible situations, is not able to foresee future situations and insist to execute certain customizations against the guidance of the analyst and developer. Though these customizations will be executed if the client insists, but if ever required to revert this change it will be charged, as it leads to a lot of waste of time and effort in doing things that are already known to be inappropriate.
  7. Layout alterations or customization of data query for changes in the existing reports or creation of new reports, in most cases we tend to accommodate the changes free of charge, if it pertains to minor alterations in the arrangement of a report that is generated out of a generic query.
  8. However, if the changes affect to the extent of some programmatic alteration for creation of the desired report, or if the layout expected is time consuming, then it may be treated as chargeable.
  9. Customizations for creating a new report which involve minor alterations in the arrangement of an existing report are usually achieved between USD 0-50.
  10. Customizations for creating a new report which involve some alteration in data query program or software code are usually achieved between USD 100-200.
  11. Customizations for integration of third party APIs are usually achieved between USD 100-200.
  12. Customizations for change of interface or functionality or process flow which involve some alteration in software code may be charged starting USD 100 and may go up depending on case to case.
  13. The customization charges in most cases are in the usual range, however they may also increase or decrease depending upon the task. In rare cases if customizations charges cross above the expected range, the client administrator shall be properly made to understand, why?
  14. Once the customization charges applied for one type of customization shall serve as basis for minimum charges for similar customizations in future.
  15. Most free customizations, when approved shall be delivered in due course of customization cycle, with a tentative time period of 1 month +/- 10 days. However, if any requirement is incumbent or time bound, it may be charged.
  16. In case of OMR Software, user is trained to create and calibrate pre-printed OMR sheets on their own, but the ability to obtain a perfectly working design depends quite a lot on the individual’s creativity and not only on the software tool, so in case our services are required to create and calibrate sheets, it is additionally charged per layout. You may ask separately for sheet design prices.

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