How to Scan OMR Sheets
How to Scan OMR Sheets
How to Scan OMR Sheets
How to Scan OMR Sheets

FAQs about OMR Sheet Scanning

How to scan OMR Sheets?

To make sure the scanning is right and as per the requirement of OMR sheet scanning systems, there are few specification to be followed.

You can’t scan OMR sheets in any format. Objective Response Sheets are scanned as Image at 100-200 DPI in colour/gray scale/B&W format and save as BMP,TIFF or JPG file format. You cannot scan sheet in PDF format.

The sheets are set legitimately in the OMR scanner pocket with side holding side sections appropriately closed to maintain a distance from swaying or tilting of the sheets.

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What OMR Sheet Scanner to use?

Any normal image scanner can be used to scan OMR Sheets.

You can use any type of scanner to scan the OMR sheet.

The choice of OMR scanner depends on the speed of scanning required.

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