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OMR Scanning Machine

OMR Machine (Optical Mark Recognition Scanner)

Optical Mark Recognition Scanner or OMR Scanner is a big OMR Machine which was used for OMR Sheet scanning and OMR sheet reading simultaneously to get OMR data into the computer.

This data received from the OMR Sheet Checking Machine or OMR device were then processed by a simple result calculation and analysis software. This is how we obtained results for OMR Application Forms & OMR Test Answer Sheets.

But this was the old technology. OMR machines are almost obsolete and no longer in use. This OMR Scanner-OMR Machine-OMR Device technology has been replaced by the new flexible and economic OMR Software technology.

OMR Machine, OMR Device Price India

OMR Scanning Machines are very costly. OMR Sheet Scanner price starts at range from Rs. 2 Lakhs and goes up to Rs. 15 Lakhs.

OMR Mark Scanners are not manufactured in India. They have to be imported so they are very costly.

These OMR Scanner Machines available only on order in big cities only.

Getting the OMR device spares quickly is always a botheration.

These old technology OMR Scanners also require specially printed OMR Sheets and OMR Forms with lots of specifications. So these OMR sheets are printed and purchased from special OMR sheet printers by ordering required quantities much in advance.

These make the price of the OMR sheet about 1.5 to 2 rupees which is very high for regular use.

OMR Scanning Machine

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OMR Scanning Machine

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