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OMR Scanning Services India

Does an OMR scanning business in India profitable?

Yes, you can surely run a profitable OMR scanning business as there is a massive need for OMR sheet scanning in the country. OMR sheets are commonly used for competitive and government recruitment examinations. While the big institutes can afford to buy the OMR software and scanner, the small institutes may not be able to do so. These institutes look for agencies or people who provide scanning services.

Are there companies in India that offer OMR sheet scanning services?

Yes, several large and small companies provide OMR sheet scanning services in the country. They use advanced software and high speed document scanners as they usually have to scan a large number of sheets every day.

What is the price of OMR sheet scanning in India?

The cost of the sheet scanning services would depend on several factors that include the no. of sheets to be scanned, the time period for declaring the results as well as the speed of the scanner. Apart from these things, the location of the company or agency that provides this service will also determine the cost.

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OMR Scanning Services India

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