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OMR based Attendance Management System for Colleges and University

OMR based Attendance Sheet Format used for Subject wise attendance in a day

The below given OMR Attendance sheet is an example of an OMR based attendance system applied in a senior college type institution where it is required to gather the attendance of each period held in a day. The sheet has some fields like Course, year, Semester, Division, Date (DD, MM, YY). These fields help in pinpointing the class or group of students for which this attendance is being taken on any particular day. Further, we see there are Roll Nos. 1-129. Here 129 does not have any significance.It could have been a sheet with 120 to 15 candidates as well. So this sheet is ideally made for the class of 120 students and with an allowance of few more candidates if there are any new midterm transfer cases in the class. Now in this attendance sheet, there are 8 columns for 8 periods against each candidate roll number. There is in more ninth column, which is an indicator of a probable mistake made during filling of the sheet.

Let us see how this OMR attendance sheet works. This piece of paper remains with the class or is handed over from one teacher to another amongst all the teachers coming to take the class for all these 8 periods. So when the teacher of period 1 finishes his class, the attendance sheet is handed over to the next teacher. In case this arrangement is not feasible, all the 8 teachers may carry 8 different sheets and mark attendance in their respective columns and submit to the data entry desk.So when the OMR operator scans these 8 sheets or may be single sheet having the information about all the 8 periods, in either case the data obtained is properly segregated into 8 columns for that particular group of students in that class and date. This is how the OMR based attendance sheet is an ideal structure for institutes having multi period attendance system.The ninth error indicator column is used to make an exception and alert the operator to make corrections to the data in that particular record. So the error column is marked for that candidate whose attendance has been marked by mistake and appropriate instructions for the OMR operator are written in the instructions box provide at the bottom of the OMR sheet.

MR based Attendance Management System

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