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OMR based Attendance System for Security Guards Shifts

Sample of OMR Attendance Sheet Format used for attendance of the Guards in a security agency

This attendance sheet structure has been developed to record the attendance of Security guards or field staff. In this OMR Attendance sheet we are not only making the attendance for a day, but also we are also marking the shift in which this attendance was made. This attendance sheet is supposed to be filled by the supervisor. So the first set of blocks records the Employee code of the guard. This sheet is able to handle records of 10 guards at a time. So if there are more than 10 guards deployed in a location, then the supervisor will have to maintain more than one sheet. The second set of columns records the attendance for 31 days and each day for three probable shifts and in case there are some extra working hours they are written on the sheet. The total monthly overtime hours for a guard are filled with the blocks given at the bottom of the sheet. Thus shift wise attendance data, including the monthly overtime calculation are filled and extracted from an OMR based attendance sheet.

OMR based Attendance System

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OMR based Attendance System

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