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Download OMR Sheet Samples - OMR Model Sheets

Download Standard Formats for Commonly required OMR Sheet for Practice

The most popular Addmen OMR Sheet Reader software uses simple OMR sheets printed on normal white paper. OMR sheet printing is done using laser printer or offset printing. The OMR Sheet Reading software works on scanned images of OMR sheets which can be scanned with any regular image scanner or OMR sheet scanner.

Given below are some ready-to-use OMR answer sheet formats for MCQ based OMR Tests. These OMR Test Answer Sheets can be used as an OMR sheet sample for practice. You can download these PDF files for instant use. Black & White formats for laser printers and colour (Pink & Black formats for Inkjet printers. Institutes can use these samples as a starting point to describe your requirement to your OMR Sheet Printer. The editable CorelDraw files of the above given OMR Sheet Templates can be found on the website.

OMR Answer Sheet Formats

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OMR Answer Sheet Formats

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