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Advanced OMR Software For Professional Sheet Reading Requirements

Some IT service providers take outsourcing contracts of reading OMR sheets for universities or large examination bodies where they have to handle large number of OMR sheets in very short periods. Besides OMR Reader they also require to use OCR Scanning Software or a combination of OMR-OCR-ICR scanning software. For these types of requirements, Addmen OMR is available Advanced version.

Add-on Features for the Professional version of OMR Software

The advanced version of the Addmen OMR Software has all the above mentioned features of the standard version and a few additional features related to faster processing of huge data.

Advanced features for Sheet reading module

What is the use of Multiple Instances?

Addmen OMR system utilizes very little system resources. So it is possible to run more than one projects on a single computer to optimize the need for computers and scanners.

At one end it also required to keep the projects separate with separate databases, on the other end it is also not possible to maintain several networks and workstations for the evaluation team. Neither it is possible to keep moving scanned images in a pendrie from one computer to the other.

So it is preferred to maximize the use of one single computer to be able to simultaneously process multiple projects. This is achievable through activation of multiple licenses on a single computer to run as parallel instances.

Introduction to Addmen OMR-OCR-ICR Software Solution

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