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More Questions answered about Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software

Can I evaluate more than one test without removing the previous test results?

Ofcourse you can evaluate as many tests as you want without removing the results of the previous test. Not only this but the various tests that you want to evaluate can be of different patterns like different Subjects or sections and different number of questions and different marking scheme. The OMR software is not made according to any specific exam pattern. It is a common to all software that is able to adapt to any type of MCQ test pattern as per the user. So in such a case there are also users who take multiple types of tests and multiple number of tests in a session. This OMR software definitely allows the user to define, evaluate and store results of various tests simultaneously.

Can the OMR System Shuffle Questions to create more sets?

Yes the OMR System can also shuffle questions and create more copies of a predefined test. Sometimes the user does not want to use the question bank software as they are not very much interested in using all the features. Their mere requirement is to check OMR sheets and sometimes, the question paper conducted in this OMR test has to be shuffled to create various question paper sets from the same set of questions. The OMR software can help in quickly shuffling and creating a question paper. The basic question paper is input as a word file, which is shuffled in the OMR software and a new test set is created with the shuffled answerkey and the shuffled word file output for printing of question paper.

What happens if the answer to one MCQ question is wrong?

If the answer of one or more questions is wrong, then such questions are cancelled in the examination and bonus marks are allocated. Generally, Bonus marks are equal to positive marks. There are two ways of allocating bonus marks. 1) Bonus marks are given only to candidates who have attempted the question and 2) Bonus marks are given to all candidates irrespective of the fact whether they have attempted of left the question. The latter option is most commonly executed. And it is obviously correct to allocate bonus marks uniformly to all candidates because the candidates who have left the question may present an argument that they left the question because they could judge that there was no correct answer for that question so it is justified to give equal positive marks to all candidates for all such MCQ questions whose answers are wrong.

When we change answer of a question do we have to rescan the sheets?

No, we do not have to rescan the sheets if we change the correct answer. If the answer key has changed still the OMR sheet bears the responses given by candidates and they are not going to change. The student has already marked his choice and gone home. So even if the answer key has changed there is no use of rescanning the OMR sheet. Addmen OMR Software offers the flexibility to input the changed answerkey any number of times and recalculate at the last step. So all the effort done on scanning and response reading before does not go waste and does not kill any time.

What are the different modes of entering the answer key in OMR Software?

There are many quick and convenient ways of entering the correct answer key into the OMR software. The most used and quickest way is to copy paste the correct answer key from an Excel or Word. The answers are prepared in simple single column one below the other and copied to the OMR software at a single click. The second method adopted in critical government examination to document the submission the of final answerkey, the correct answers are filled with an OMR sheet by the paper setter and this OMR sheet is used to import answers to the OMR software in a second. This method is quick and at the same time there are no chances of manual error by the operator. The correct answers can also be entered manually. If required the manual entry method can also be used to correct one or two mistakes or change of answer.

How to pick student names on the OMR Test Answer Sheet?

When we check a test using the OMR test software, we obviously want to print results with the names and other details of the candidate being displayed in the result. However the name & other details need not necessarily be filled in the OMR Sheet. The names can be imported into the OMR Software just one time and are displayed anytime the result is drawn. If the candidate will fill name on the OMR sheet a large block arrangement would be needed to fill alphabetical info. This would not only occupy a lot of space on the sheet, but also have lots of opportunities for the candidates to get confused andmake mistakes. So it is best to read only the Rollno from the OMR sheet and keep the names in the OMR software against these roll numbers. So when a sheet is read with a certain roll number, then at the time of display of result the name against the read roll number is linked from within the database and displayed in the final result.

What are the various types of reports obtained from OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software?

To know more about three types and number of reports obtained from the OMR software, please click here to read the reports and results section.

Do we get any graphical reports from OMR Test Checking software ?

Yes, we do get several types of graphical reports from the OMR test checking software. These reports display various types of parameters and comparison of an individual with the toppers on the basis of these parameters.

Can the OMR Test Checker Software evaluate tests with multiple sets of answer keys?

Yes the OMR software can evaluate tests with multiple sets of answer keys. When the examiners intend to be strict to avoid any copying by the candidates, they create multiple sets of the same question paper by shuffling the sequence of questions. In this manner the question papers and thus answer of every question is different for any two candidates sitting side by side. The OMR software is able to check such answer sheets belonging to different sets of the same question paper. There is no need to sort out any sets separately for scanning and reading. The OMR software can automatically sort and evaluate such sheets with their corresponding answerkeys.

How much time is required to evaluate OMR Answer Sheets?

OMR Sheet evaluation consists of 2 processes 1) OMR Sheet Scanning and 2) OMR Software reading of scanned images of OMR Sheet. The second part of the process, i.e. reading by OMR Software is very fast. It takes almost no time to evaluate OMR Sheets. The major time consumed in the first part of the process that is OMR Sheet scanning. So the faster the scanner the lesser time required for scanning. Once the images are scanned the standard OMR can read at minimum speed of 1 sheet/second and Professional OMR can read at minimum speed of 3 sheets/second. So with standard OMR you can expect to read 100 sheets and 2 minutes and draw out reports and declare the results within 5 minutes.

Can we change the definition of the test once it has been evaluated?

No, a test definition can obviously be not altered because say for example, you made a test with 100 questions divided in 2 sections Math and GK each having 50 questions. Now, after evaluating the test if you want to change the test definition to 80 questions or say want to make all questions in a single section, then the data that have already been read for extra 20 questions will become irrelevant and prone to errors. So the test definition, cannot be changed once the test has been defined, but certain components like Test Name, Date can definitely be changed.

Can the OMR Sheet checker evaluate tests with questions distributed on 2 sides of the pages?

Yes the OMR sheet checker software can definitely read duplex OMR sheets. Though generally for the sake of convenience of the candidate who is solving the test, all the questions in the test are arranged on one side of thesheet. Any other fields like roll number or other OMR fields and Instructions for filling the sheet are printed on the second side of the sheet.

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