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Check your sheets with 4 Simple Steps of OMR Answer Sheet Checker

Once the sheets have been scanned as per guidelines, these are ready to be checked by the OMR test checker. OMR Test Sheet Checking Software has a simple 4 Steps Operation. Click here to continue read details about 4 Steps of Operation

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OMR Designing Process

and OMR Sheet Design Features in Addmen OMR Software.

Design your OMR Answer Sheet using inbuilt OMR Answer Sheet Designer module : You can yourself create many sheet designs but sheet design is not necessary for every omr test because you can use one design for many tests. You can design a sheet of maximum number of questions that you require and use it for smaller tests also. Many OMR Test Answer Sheet formats are provided ready-made in the software, you can simply add your institute name & logo and start using it.

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OMR Sheet Printing Process

and OMR Sheet Printing Features in Addmen OMR Software.

Print your OMR Test Answer Sheet : You can print using laser printer or Offset printing or good photocopier also. Simple Black & White sheet printing is OK. If you want you can print colour sheets also. This process is also not done before every test as you can print and keep a stock of OMR sheets for future.

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OMR Sheet Scanning Features.

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Scan the OMR Answer Sheets using any Scanner : Once your sheets are designed and printed, you can take the test on these sheets and scan them using normal scanner. Then these scanned images are checked by Addmen OMR Software. You can use any scanner that is available with you. Scanner of any company or brand is OK to scan OMR sheets for Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software.

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