OMR Software Speed

How much time does it take to evaluate OMR Sheets?

The time required to evaluate OMR sheets is divided into 4 parts

  1. Time required for Scanning of OMR Sheets

  2. Time required for Reading of OMR Bubble response data from the scanned image of OMR Sheet using the OMR software.

  3. The time required to solve the issues created by candidates

  4. Time required to generate and print reports.

Time required for scanning of OMR sheets

It purely depends on the speed of the scanner. If the scanner is fast you can scan more sheets in less time otherwise the time required for scanning would be quite much. As we have mentioned that our software is scanner independent, so the user is free to use any scanner. But if the user is using a Flatbed scanner and placing sheets, one-by-one for scanning, it will obviously take time. If someone is having a workload up to 30-50 sheets, then use of flatbed scanner is still good but not for higher quantities. So generally all people who want to use OMR software prefer to use the Automatic Document Feeder or ADF Scanners. This helps to reduce the effort in scanning and the scanning time. ADF OMR Scanners have been scanning speeds ranging from 5 sheets/min to 150 sheets/min. For a regular institution operating in the range of 1000-5000 sheets, scanners with a speed range of 20-40 pages/min are optimally good.

Time required for reading of OMR Bubble responses

This the actual OMR step where the software is involved. And we are concerned with this part of the process.

The Standard version of the Addmen OMR Software, Quickly and accurately reads about 100 OMR Sheets in 2 minutes. High speed of 3 sheets/Sec on good configuration PC and 1 sheet/Sec on an average PC. The speed of OMR form reading is unaffected by the number of OMR sheets to be read. The professional version of OMR software is able to maintain reading speeds of minimum 3 sheets/second. There is possibility reading multiple instances of the OMR Software. For High Speed reading and processing of High Volumes use Addmen Advanced OMR Software which can do parallel processing of several batches or folders and delivers speeds of 10000 Sheets/hr in the auto mode. In the Auto mode the software does not stop for verification in case of issues. It simply rejects the sheets and moves forward to read the next one. The purpose of auto mode is to achieve maximum speed of reading.

The time required to solve the issues created by candidates

The rejected issues are solved later in the alert mode. Real-time resolution of filling mistakes, likes: blank Roll nos.; duplicate Roll nos.; invalid Roll nos.; multiple bubbles filled in one column; blank test paper set; etc... This helps to save lots of time after reading and before the preparation of results. Many software's claim high speed of reading, but later it takes a lot of time to solve these issues. In the Addmen software we can select all such skipped files with issue and the software automatically stops for each file with appropriate instruction so that it can be attended accordingly. But the time consumed in this process is out of the scope of the speed of software because the major time consumed is in human responses. If the human operator takes 2 seconds or 10 seconds to respond with the correct value when alerted by the software will decide the time required for the resolution of issues identified by the software during the reading. Also the overall time killed in the issue solving process obviously depends on the number of issues encountered. The issues are less with qualified or experienced candidates applying for higher study or job selection examination. But the number of issues is more if the candidates appearing in the test are from junior classes or not a very literate group of applicants.

The time required to generate reports and declare the results

Results are calculated in continuity of OMR optical reading process. No extra time required for making separate mark lists. Though the Addmen OMR Software delivers output in almost all ready to use report formats, still if any specific report presentations are required, then it might take some time for the user to alter the output obtained inExcel to derive the required format. The time consumed in this step also is out of the scope of OMR software speed.

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