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New Version Release and Updates of OMR Reader

We have developed this Addmen OMR Reader software with a vision of user friendliness and user independence. Also we have adopted a very positive approach of upgrading the software with whatever good ideas we come across. The software is being used by thousands of users for more than a decade now. This penetration and exposure of the software has helped to enrich it. With every new installation, we keep a sharp eye on the suggestions of the users and hunt for the best working process of each organisation. If we find anything new that might be beneficial for the software and its users, we becomingly introduce it into the standard features of our software. This is the reason that Addmen OMR Software appears more suitable to the every new users who joins in.

How frequently is the OMR Software updated?

Addmen OMR reader is is continuously updated. Our dedicated developers are always on their toes with a constant endeavour to enrich the software. Though a major version is released every year, minor upgrades and fixes are released every 15 days. The updates are uploaded on the website. The existing user may download the updated EXE from the website and update his copy of installation. Since all updates do not affect all users, so it is the choice of the user whether to update or not.

What is the cost of OMR updates?

Updates of OMR Software are free of cost. Though any user can download an update, but only the users whose support term is active can apply the updates. Active support term is either the first year from the date of purchase or the year for which the user has paid the AMC. Even in absence of AMC the software license at the user end keeps working but he is not allowed to update it.

Where can I get the OMR Software updates?

The OMR Software updates are made available on the Addmen website as soon as they are released. Any existing user with an active support term, who is entitled to download the updates can download the updates from the website and replace the current working EXE in their computer with the new downloaded one. The Update is downloaded as an executable (EXE) file in the form of a ZIP file for easy download. The user has to unzip the downloaded file and then replace in the Addmen folder that contains the software installation.

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