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Preparation for Software Input

Step 1: Design of OMR Sheet

No Need to design CBSE Sheets. Only Standard Templates created as per CBSE guidelines have to be used.

Step 2: Printing of OMR Sheet

Step 3: Scanning of OMR Sheet


Step 1: Installation

a) If You are new User,

b) If you are already using OMR Software

Step 2: Download ICR Library

OMR Software (Homepage) > Downloads (on Right hand Side) > ICR Library (It is about 60MB)

Step 3: Download Sheet Layout in Your Software

a) If You have Sheet Designer, You can download any Standard OMR Design by Addmen
OMR Software (Homepage) > OMR Sheet Designer > Download My Sheet (Button) >
Enter Sheet IDs 112106, 112107

b) If You Do not have Sheet Designer,
OMR Software (Homepage) > Download My Sheets > All allowed Sheets will automatically Download

You can download

Step 4: Check if your Sheet Layout is Downloaded

OMR Software (Homepage) > MCQ Test Definition > Check Sheet Layout Dropdown List

Step 5: Setup Test

Step 6: Add Correct Answers Key

OMR Software (Homepage) > MCQ Test Definition > Set Answer Key (Button) >
Select Test (On Right) > Type/Paste Answer Key in Grid (On Left)

Step 7: Apply Scoring Scheme

OMR Software (Homepage) > MCQ Test Definition > Set Answer Key (Button) >
Select Test (On Right) > Score Mapping (Button)
Select Question Nos(On Left) > Select Scoring Scheme(on Right) > Move Questions to Right

You can add more Scoring Schemes on "TOPXX" pattern where X is the number of questions to be considered out of all questions in any section.

Step 8: Read OMR Sheets (Scanned Images)

OMR Software (Homepage) > OMR Sheet Reader >
Select Sheet Folder, Select Test > Read Sheet (Button)

Follow all Guidelines for Settings.

Step 9: Get Results as per Regular OMR Software Operation Guidelines