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ABOUT Addmen

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Addmen can be seen as one of the most progressive OMR, ICR and OCR Software solution company that provides a complete modular Institute Management Software and Integrated Assessment Suite that fulfils the needs of all organisations that are in any way related to the process of Education and Assessment.

In last 15 years, Addmen has crossed 5000 users for its Softwares, spreading across 20 countries.

Besides thousands of users for Institute Management System and OMR and Assessment Softwares in India, we are providing OMR Softwares in Middle East and Africa having our OMR users in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria.

In the Indian subcontinent we have OMR Software users in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Indonesia and Maldives. Many Asian countries have our OMR Software in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

We have provided OMR and the Integrated Assessment system for scoring the SAT, ACT and PSAT exams to several users in the United States. We have also users for our Assessment Suite for scoring CEM exams in the United Kingdom. We also have catered our solution to the Test prep centres in Australia preparing for NAPLAN, OC Trials and Selective Trials.

Some other countries for our OMR or Assessment Solutions are West Indies, Ireland, Turkey, Canada, Chile etc.

We have a network of dealers in Egypt, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia.


OMR Reader

We undertake turnkey projects for evaluation and result processing of recruitment and assessment tests starting from sheet design and printing to scanning and processing and online publishing of Results


Answer Sheet Checker

From the stage of sheet design to printing and scanning of OMR sheet, the OMR Sheet reading and result processing, it allows you flexibility at each step.

Integrated with Online Score Board for Online results on Website.

Online Test Software

This Computer based test software from Addmen can be used for online tests on internet browser at home or cybercafe. The same exam test software can be used for computer based test on personal desktops and laptops away from internet.

Question Bank Software

This Question Bank Software can be seen as the most versatile test generator software with the capability and flexibility to cater to questions in multiple languages with diagrams, formulae, equations, images, charts and graphs.

Extended Scoring Solutions

The Addmen Question Paper Generator software is an excellent tool for any one who has to conduct frequent tests. The users of OMR software are the ones who have to check the tests frequently. Obviously most of these users also have to make tests frequently.

The Addmen OMR software (Optical Mark Reader) is most advanced as it is also equipped with Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) for recognition of Handwriting and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities for the recognition of printed text. We have Barcode, Lithocode, Qcode and Image capture and processing facilities as integral features of our OMR Software. Addmen OMR Software is available in Standard, Professional and Mini variants that make it versatile and most suited to users with variable needs.

The Online Test (Computer Based Test) software is integrated with OMR and Android platforms to conduct cross platform tests and process and present collated results from all platforms. This examination software support all types of computer based examination system for different popular online exams like IBPS, CAT, NATA and NEET etc. It is a ready-to-implement, economic and efficient examination tool providing complete ease of implementation and operation. The software is also offered as a leased online service thus making it very convenient for any startup or small institute for which the management of IT infrastructure is not the prime agenda.


A Complete Array of Integrated Software Solutions for Test and Assessment needs

OMR Reader

Pre Examination Modules

Online Application System (for pre exam data management and hall ticket generation)
Question Bank Software (Questions with diagram, formula, equation, images in Word/Excel)

Exam Execution and Evaluation Modules

OMR Software (Capable of OMR, OCR, ICR, Barcode, Lithocode, Qcode & Photo capture)
Online Test Software (for Recruitments and Practice, Available in Desktop & Cloud versions)
Android EduApp (Android interface for OMR, Quiz Pad, Online Test and Online Result modules)

Post Examination Result Processing Modules

Digital Evaluation System (for manual checking & scoring of Answer sheet image on internet)
Online Result System (for display of Scores, Answer Sheets and Graphical Reports on internet)
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OMR Software

Our Android baby is powerful enough to change the way people see testing and assessment. Some institutes use our OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software for MCQ Test Checking, while some others use the Online Test or Computer based Test Softwares.

The Android EduApplet is a further advanced extension of all of these test platforms giving more convenience to the institute and encourages better participation of students. Since the students can now see test schedules, attempt tests and see detailed graphical results of tests all on their palm top, it encourages better participation of students. The Android extension of Addmen OMR Software where the printed OMR Answer Sheet is replaced with virtual sheet on the Android smartpohone screen on gives freedom from designing, printing and scanning of OMR Sheets as the test can be taken on a virtual OMR sheet on the android screen and submitted to get instant results after the class.

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A capable MIS taking care of all the processes involved in a academic institute starting from pre-admission management to later academic results and assets management


Enhanced Campus Automation Software (ECAS) can be used as School Management Software or Coaching Management software or College Management Software or University Management Software.

This is a client end customizable software having several modules that can be implemented in several combinations to server the most essential needs of an institute in most optimal budget.

This is a complete solution catering to all aspects of Institute Management starting from pre-admission enquiry and leads management to the complete academics reporting and certificate validations.

The Enhanced Campus Automation Software is technologically advanced to have a complementing Android App for smartphones and Tabs.

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