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OMR Sheet Layouts

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Ready-to-Print OMR Sheet layouts

More layouts can be created by using OMR Sheet Designer Module.

CBSE OMR Sheets 2021 Code Download
STD106 OMR Sheet only 112106 PDF CDR
STD107 OMR+ICR+Barcode 112107 PDF CDR

NEET & IIT OMR Sheets Code Download
STD113 IIT2022 Adv P1 112113 PDF CDR
STD114 IIT2022 Adv P2 112114 PDF CDR
STD098 NEET2021 112098 PDF CDR
STD096 JEE 2021 Mains 112096 PDF CDR
STD104 IIT2021 Adv P1 112104 PDF CDR
STD105 IIT2021 Adv P2 112105 PDF CDR
STD097 NEET2021 Provisional 112097 PDF CDR
STD027 180Q A NEET 112027 PDF CDR
STD100 IIT2021 Mains 90Q
(Paper Size Legal)
112100 PDF CDR
STD095 IIT2020 Adv P2 112095 PDF CDR
STD110 IIT2020 Adv P1 112110 PDF CDR
STD093 IIT2020 B 112093 PDF CDR
STD092 IIT2020 A 112092 PDF CDR
STD091 IIT2019 Adv P2 112091 PDF CDR
STD108 IIT2019 Adv P1 112108 PDF CDR
STD089 IIT2018 Adv 112089 PDF CDR
STD074 IIT2017 P2 112074 PDF CDR
STD073 IIT2017 P1 112073 PDF CDR
STD063 IIT2016 P2 112063 PDF CDR
STD062 IIT2016 P1 112062 PDF CDR
STD051 IIT2015 P2 112051 PDF CDR
STD050 IIT2015 P1 112050 PDF CDR
STD039 IIT2014 P2 112039 PDF CDR
STD038 IIT2014 P1 112038 PDF CDR
STD037 IIT2013 P2 112037 PDF CDR
STD036 IIT2013 P1 112036 PDF CDR
STD031 90Q IIT2013 Main 112031 PDF CDR
Common OMR Sheets Code Download
STD029 50Q 112029 PDF CDR
STD043 50Q with Name Block 112043 PDF CDR
STD030 60Q 112030 PDF CDR
STD075 75Q 112075 PDF CDR
STD031 90Q 112031 PDF CDR
STD024 100Q 112024 PDF CDR
STD042 100Q with Name Block 112042 PDF CDR
STD025 120Q 112025 PDF CDR
STD026 150Q 112026 PDF CDR
STD101 160Q 112101 PDF CDR
STD028 180Q B 112028 PDF CDR
STD021 200Q A 112021 PDF CDR
STD041 200Q with Name Block 112041 PDF CDR
STD044 200Q C 112044 PDF CDR
STD022 250Q 112022 PDF CDR
STD023 300Q 112023 PDF CDR
STD034 50Q A5 112034 PDF CDR

SSC OMR Sheets Code Download
STD045 200Q SSC2013 SIDE A 112045 PDF CDR
STD046 200Q SSC2013 SIDE B 112046 PDF CDR
STD047 200Q SSC2013 112047 PDF CDR
STD048 200Q SSC2014 112048 PDF CDR
STD049 100Q SSC2015 112049 PDF CDR

SAT/ACT OMR Sheets Code Download
STD052 ACT2016 112052 PDF CDR
STD053 ACT2016 Essay 112053 PDF CDR
STD054 SAT2016 P1 112054 PDF CDR
STD055 SAT2016 P2 112055 PDF CDR
STD056 SAT2016 Essay 112056 PDF CDR
STD057 PSAT2016 P1 112057 PDF CDR
STD058 PSAT2016 P2 112058 PDF CDR
STD075 75Q SAT2016 112075 PDF CDR

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