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When, Where and How to Contact For Technical Support

Indian Users: IST 1030-1730 hrs (Monday-Friday)

Overseas Users: IST 0930-1830 hrs (Monday-Saturday)

You can raise a ticket only using your REGISTERED EMAIL ID and MOBILE NUMBER.  Confirmation will be sent to the same contacts.

Our Technical Support Representatives will inform you their availability and ask you to get in touch with them for further action.

Kindly call only on the specific phone number mentioned in your ticket.

All correspondence will be done with single contact person at your end for every license. Kindly contact us only using the REGISTERED MOBILE or EMAIL which you have used to raise the ticket.

After understanding your need we shall connect you to the concerned support staff. If the resolution needs time we shall intimate you accordingly. The support team will respond on SMS/Email with reason/suggestion/resolution.

In case of any difficulties in support or other processes, you are free to seek your primary sales contact in Addmen. The updated contact info can be obtained from this website.

What Not to Do

Kindly do not call repeatedly. Please give a reasonable time gap between your calls.
Kindly do not call on all the numbers, it is not needed. By doing so you are only delaying the process.

Kindly do not send unnecessary copies of support email to all email IDs. Sending multiple copies of mails does not help, it only delays your work in confusion.

Generate Ticket, only if you are available to receive support

It has been observed that some users raise ticket and then disappear. The support team's time is lost in contacting the users and hearing replies like- "I am busy, I am out of office, I am reaching, I am in class, I am driving, I am not available" etc.

This Support Ticket shall remain open only upto one working day.
If ticket is raised before 4:00 p.m. IST, you must contact us on the same day.
If ticket is raised after 4:00 p.m. IST, we shall wait till next day.

If you have not contacted and coordinated before end of working day, the ticket will be closed. So we most humbly request you to kindly generate Ticket, only if you are available and ready to receive support in continuity.

Please be patient

There is difference between SoS Technical Support & Training /New Development /Customisation.

SoS Technical support can be taken up asap if you are suddenly stuck up in middle of a process or facing some operational difficulty.

But training takes time and cannot be done instantly or on the same day. Training is done as per pre-coordinated schedule.

Similarly, New Development /Customisation /Report Design /Alterations are very time consuming tasks. These are not undertaken directly on the basis of request.
Such requests are first evaluated by senior technical team for feasibility, time schedule.
These are worked upon only if approved. You will be informed accordingly.
Request for customization are discussed on 15th or 30th of every month and delivered between 15th-25th of the following month.

Support Ticket : First Step to Contact for Support

In the wake of Corona Virus Pandemic, we are taking a step forward to ensure Health and Safety for our Team and our country.
Our office premises shall remain closed till it is sure that there is no Corona Threat in our area.
Our entire Team will work from Home.

Our responses may be slow,
But every ticket will be attended and answered without exception.
Some Phone calls may remain unanswered because the team will have an added load of internal coordination calls.
So as always, we request to maximize the use of Support Ticket System.

Also it will not be possible to entertain any Urgency.
If you have any need which is critical to your organisation, Kindly inform us much in advance.

It is a time when mutual co-operation is required to address Human needs more than a perfect professional presentation.
We shall highly appreciate your cooperation.

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