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Certified ISO 27001 & 9001

Submit Your Technical Support Requests Here

Kindly raise a Support Ticket, before you make a Phone Call or Whatsapp or send an Email for Support.

Confirmation will be sent on your REGISTERED EMAIL and MOBILE number.

Please read the Support Procedure at the bottom of this page.

Please help us serve you better

Please raise a Support Ticket, before you make a Phone Call or Whatsapp or send an Email for Support.


You have been allotted a specific person and phone number for your ticket. Kindly DO NOT call on all the numbers, it is not needed.

Kindly DO NOT Call on 9229113577 or 9229113522 for updation or software technical support request. These phone nos. are for commercial correspondence only.


It is possible that the concerned executive might be busy on other support call. So instead of making repeated phone calls,

It is better to send a message on WHATSAPP, so that the executive can try to respond you on chat while being on call with other user.

Always mention your ticket number on WHATSAPP. Kindly DO NOT send support description on Whatsapp. It is only for reminder and coordination.

Users who are sending irrelevant content on whatsapp will be blocked and this facility will not be available for them in future.


Please send emails only to support@addmengroup.com. Kindly DO NOT Email support request on info@admengroup.com or admin@admengroup.com . These email IDs are for commercial correspondence only.

Kindly DO NOT send unnecessary copies of support email to all email IDs. Sending multiple copies of mails does not help, it only delays your work in confusion.

Support for Indian Users
IST 1030-1730 hrs (Monday-Friday)


Support for Overseas Users

+91 9229113544

Support Procedure

Kindly read, and cooperate to help us serve you better:

You are requested to select the time of your choice when you (Client) will call us (Addmen) to explain your issue.

This will be our first interaction regarding your issue. After understanding your need we shall connect you to the concerned support staff. If the resolution needs time we shall intimate you accordingly.

If due to any reason you are unable to reach us over phone...kindly send us an email, we will call you back. If we do not receive any communication from you within 24 hours of your desired time of contact, this ticket will auto close.

Please mention your unique identity.
Begin your ticket with your unique identity (ClientID/Domain) helps us to identify you and process your request faster.
You may Whatsapp to 7773000055 to find your Client ID /User ID.

Please be patient.
To facilitate you we have sent a SMS confirmation.
Our Technical Support Representative will inform you their availability as soon as available.
Please do not call repeatedly. By doing so you are only delaying the process.

Please Understand.
There is difference between SoS Technical Support & Training/new development/customisation. SoS Technical support can be taken up asap if you are suddenly stuck up in middle of a process or facing some operational difficulty.

But training takes time and cannot be done instantly or on the same day.
Training is done as per pre-coordinated schedule.

Similarly, New Development/Customisation/Report Design/Alterations are very time consuming tasks.
These are not undertaken directly on the basis of request.
Such requests are first evaluated by senior technical team for feasibility, time schedule.
These are worked upon only if approved. You will be informed accordingly.
Request for customization are discussed on 15th or 30th of every month and delivered between 15th-25th of the following month.

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