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Mobile APP Publishing Process for Online Learning Platform

Private Label App means an Android App with “your link on playstore + your App Name + your launcher icon” and selected features, but with same layout and functionality of EduApplet.

  1. After assigning the order you will be required to furnish your Logo and display banners for playstore and other contents for App as per specifications. The task of compiling your App shall commence only after all content has been received as specified.
  2. After creating your Private Labelled copy of generic EduApplet, we publish it to Google Playstore within 7 days. From this point the Google playstore will take its time 2-3 days for approval. The App may get approved as it is or Google may suggest some changes. If not approved, then the cycle of re-publishing and approval will be repeated. Kindly note that this Google response time is not in our hands. In the CoVID scene, the Google approval time may be upto 7 days or more.
  3. App may become void in between due to certain rules imposed by Google that are not met by your App. So we re-publish it with revisions.
  4. The App is hosted on the Addmen Developer Account, which displays the name of Addmen as developer. In case the customer wants to hide name of Addmen as developer, then they should create a developer account and provide Addmen access to the same. So we will upload App on the customer's developer account.
  5. In case the client wants to publish the App on his own Playstore Account, we shall provide the APP (.AAB) and Key files as per Google requirements. Further the process must be carried out by client himself.
  6. In case the customer does not have as developer account and unwilling to create one, we shall provide the APK file of the app, which the customer can host himself on his website or at any other free App hosting website.

Third Party Components

  1. Google, YouTube, OBS, Streamlabs, Vimeo, Zoom and any other Software components mentioned in context of the solution are the properties of their respective trademark owners.
  2. The buyer of this platform must understand that we have integrated various third part components to provide a minimally priced solution. There might be watermarks or operational restrictions imposed by the third party provider. In case of ineligible youtube accounts, status can be upgraded through chargeable SEO activity or alternate platforms are available for paid subscription.
  3. The Video feature is a module that facilitates use of various services offered by YouTube using other Streaming Apps. The platform shall be of utility only till the time, all of these third party components maintain their current set of services. In case YouTube alters or suspends any of its current features, the platform may not function as desired. Addmen shall not be held liable in case any of the third party provider ceases to maintain its current set of features or quality of delivery. The client is free not to pay for the coming term, but the running month will be charged even if single hour service has been availed.
  4. The owner organisation of the App shall be solely responsible for the content hosted on the App. The subscribing Institute shall bear all responsibility towards content published on its account.

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