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OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software

The Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker is used for reading and evaluating OMR answer sheets, that are used for examination having multiple choice questions.

The Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Checker is equipped to cater for the latest examination patterns.

Besides the regular Multiple Choice Questions, Integer and Matrix matching questions, it is also possible to read Questions with Decimal, Fractional, Negative answers or even range of answers.

Not only this, the software allows to "Answer any 10 out of 15 Questions" as demanded by the latest NEET 2021 and JEE 2021 examination patterns.

Many ready-to-print OMR layouts are already available in the software for user convenience. The Answer Sheet Checker Software has the optional facility to design new OMR sheets.

The OMR answer sheet checker software is the fastest way of scoring objective type answer sheets. The software compares the answers of the students with that of the answer key and provides detailed reports within minutes. This software is used for several competitive examinations where a large group of people participate. The highlight of this software is its report making ability. The reports the software produces are detailed ones and offers analysis of individuals, groups, topics and questions too. This helps students and teachers to make improvements in learning and teaching.

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How does OMR Sheet Checker Software Work?

The use of the Addmen OMR software involves four steps which are explained in VIDEOS GIVEN BELOW:

Step 01 - Define OMR Test

The first step is to Define the Test by setting important elements like OMR test name, date, subjects, number of questions per section, topics, Marking scheme etc.

Step 02 - Set Answer Key

Second step is to set the answer key. The correct answer key is set either manually or by importing it from an Excel sheet. There is also provision to extract answers from a correctly filled answer paper. Assign marking scheme and topic tags to the questions is the next task after feeding the answer key.

Step 03 - Read OMR Sheets

Third step is the actual OMR reading step wheredone once the sheets are filled and scanned. The software evaluates the answers in this stage. Read the scanned OMR sheets and store the data collected. Runtime correction of wrongly-filled sheets is also available.

Step 04 - View OMR Results

Fourth step involves generating the results of OMR tests. Various levels of results can be drawn from raw data export in Excel to detailed tabular and graphical reports. View detailed OMR results like mark lists, checklists, detailed graphical analysis and OMR sheet data in different pre-designed layouts. The results can be exported to Excel, XML, Access, DBase, etc. It is possible to send result by SMS using the inbuilt SMS feature.

It is also possible to integrate the optional Online Score Board to display the results of all the exams attempted by an individual on the institute website.

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