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OMR Sheet Design

Addmen OMR Sheet reading software has an inbuilt OMR Sheet designing module. It is provided free along with any of the modules like OMR Answer Sheet Checker or OMR Form Reader.

You DO NOT have to purchase OMR sheet designer separately.

OMR Sheet Design Process is Simple

OMR Sheet designing is a simple drag and drop process where the designer can select and place the desired matrix of bubbles and can freely move it to arrange at the desired location. Designing a sheet layout involves first designing of the technical OMR reading part in OMR Software and then later the addition of Logo and Text and ornamentation is done after exporting the sheet in editing software.

Sheet Design Part 1: How to Design a OMR Sheet Template by Duplicating Existing OMR Sheet Template?
Sheet Design Part 2: How to Design a OMR Sheet Template from Blank Template?

Types of OMR Sheet Design Layouts

Any type of OMR Sheets can be made using inbuilt OMR Sheet Designer facility in the software. The OMR Sheet designer can be used to design OMR Answer Sheets as well as OMR Application forms and other types of OMR Sheets. Various Types of OMR Sheets are:

OMR Answer Sheet for the purpose of checking MCQ based tests. These are also called as OMR Test Sheet, MCQ Test Sheet, Test Answer Sheet.

OMR Forms for the purpose of data collection. These are used for various purposes like OMR Application Form, OMR Admission Forms; OMR Feedback Forms and Questionnaires etc.

Special Purpose OMR Sheets like OMR Attendance Sheets; OMR Mark sheets or OMR Award Sheets; OMR Ballot Sheet; OMR Quality Cards;

Example of OMR Application Form OMR Sheet Design
Example of OMR Answer Sheet OMR Sheet Design

Addmen OMR Sheet Design Software helps you design any type of OMR Sheet. There is no limitation on the number of OMR designs you can create with the OMR Software. OMR Sheets can be designed and printed in any size from small stamp size to A3 size.

Types of Blocks in OMR Sheet Design

Sheets with bubbles, circles and tick mark boxes can be designed. There are several types of OMR blocks like general ABCD type, Matrix type, Integer type etc. Which can be placed in different combinations to design the desired OMR sheet layout. Sheets with Barcode and ICR/OCR blocks and Image blocks can also be designed as per requirement.

Two Sided (Duplex) OMR Sheet Designs

The designer is free to place as many question blocks as he can decently fit into the desired size of paper. Technically, there is no limitation to have any number of blocks or questions on a single side of a sheet of paper. However duplex (two sided) OMR Sheets can also be designed and read by the software.

OMR Design Export, Editing & Printing

Any OMR Design can be exported into both colored and black & white versions. Sheet once designed in the OMR Software is exported and can be edited in ether Open Source free software or Corel Draw as per choice and availability of tools to the designer. After necessary editing and adding of logo/Instruction Text, the sheet can be printed on Laser/ Inkjet/ Resograph or Offset Printer.

Glimpse of OMR Sheet Designer Interface OMR Sheet Design

Design Calibration of printed OMR Sheets not created using OMR Sheet Designer Software

People who have seen in the past how OMR Sheets are designed, know that it is a tedious task. The solutions based on old technology are still using the same mechanism. But in the Addmen OMR System, Caliberation of OMR Master sheet is not required for the sheets designed using Addmen OMR Sheet Designer.

If the OMR test sheet design is already made and printed according to the old OMR sheet printing technology, then it must be calibrated into the system using OMR sheet design software. Any answer sheet design just containing OMR bubbles cant be called an OMR Sheet because it might not have correct parameters and dimensions as per OMR parameters. An OMR sheet is a dimensionally measured technical format. So it is important that the OMR sheets to be read by the OMR sheet checker software are created using the omr sheet design software.

Calibration of Pre- printed Sheet
OMR Sheet Design
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