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Various Methods used for OMR Sheet Printing

Earlier, when OMR sheets were introduced, they were typically printed on thick paper with a special color and special OMR printing machines. These machines were installed at selected places and everyone used to buy OMR sheets from these selected places. Now the story is simple and different. OMR Sheets can be printed utilizing Laser printing, Rezograph, photocopy or Offset printing for Black and White OMR Sheets. Inkjet Printing, Color laser Printing and Offset printing can be utilized for shading OMR Sheet printing. You can do printing freely utilizing your own home laser or inkjet printer or your office rezograph or copier machine or you can get it offset printed at your closest offset printing firm.

Following is a modular description of the various methods adopted for printing OMR sheets. However, in any method of printing that is adopted, there are some guidelines that must be followed.

OMR printing using Home or Office printers

OMR Sheet Printing on Offset

OMR Sheet Printing using Photocopy

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