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Colored OMR Sheet Printing

Two color OMR printing is not essential anymore

2-color printing of OMR sheets was necessary in the old OMR technology. In some softwares based on old technology, it is still necessary.

BUT in the new technology Addmen OMR Sheet Software, 2-color printing is not necessary. You can print black and white OMR Sheets on your laser printer of photocopy machine or on single black color offset printing.

Still, some organizations insist on the use of colored sheets because they want to create an exact feel as the final examination for the practising student. Many a times users who are unaware or reluctant to accept the benefits of new OMR System also insist on colored OMR printing. However the Addmen OMR Software comfortably accepts the colored OMR Sheets as well.

112029 50Q Sheet
112029 50Q Sheet

Guideline for Printing of Colored OMR Sheets

Instructions for Color Printing

If the user has decided to print colored OMR Sheets, then following guidelines must be observed:

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