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Web Based OMR Reader

The Addmen Web Based OMR System may also be called Online OMR Software or Server Based OMR Software. It allows a distant online user to use OMR Sheet reading tool deployed on the server. The user connected to Online OMR Reader through internet browser based interface where he can drag and drop the sheet for instant evaluation.

The open license of the Web Based OMR system can be used on any number of end-users without paying for the license fee for each terminal. The terminal OMR utility can be downloaded from your website and is seamlessly connected to your server.

The online OMR sheet reader system, based on the backend settings, responds with the read data from the sheet. The read data is displayed to the user to make any amendments before final submission.

Going further ahead to process and display a complete graphical test performance report with comparative analysis also considering the responses of other test participants.

Web Based OMR Reader

Cases Suitable for Use of Distributed OMR System

Web Based OMR System is an excellent utility for e-learning platforms and apps that also want to integrate the scores of OMR based exams into their e-learning platforms. The browser based user interface of the Server Based OMR System can be integrated to the browser based Administrator dashboard of the e-learning platform.

Server based OMR Software is a boon for institutes with large number of centers, but each center having relatively less enrollment strength that makes it infeasible to deploy dedicated OMR evaluation system at each center. Vice-versa low strength at each center makes it more relevant to upload images for each project and thus the web based OMR is an ideal solution.

Web based OMR system is most suited for publication houses providing practice question banks for test prep and expect to build a direct interactive relationship with its consumer students. Such Question Banks offer a large number of mock tests in which all the students can take part so that individual performance can be benchmarked in comparison to the large group performance.

Server Based OMR System is again the most suited solution for large scale data collection and survey projects with large strength of field staff. The no-deployment browser access mechanism allows the access control of the field staff with no technical hassle allowing each field staff to directly post their work to the system.

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