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Online Course Management and Sales

It is a frequent requirement that every institute wishes to avail the benefits of use of digital technologies in the classrooms not only for the purpose of improvement of online training and learning by building a smart class environment and conducting virtual classes, but also for the academic and commercial betterment of the institute.

Once an institute has implemented the online course management system to conduct online course and training for its registered students, the very next moment they have plans and also the capability to go global with addmen enterprise learning management system. Once the course content has been built and organized, the institute can start selling online courses without boundaries.

Online Course Package Creation

An online course can be designed to contain certain videos lectures, notes, exams in any combination and specific order. It is possible to club the online course content into various modules.

In the online course management it can be planned for a certain online course package to contain access only to videos and notes. While the tests for the same course can be sold as an additional package.

The modules and its individual content can be timed to be made available to the candidate in sequence on the Nth days of his joining.

Automatic Online Course Content Allocation

Once a student buys an online course, the online course study content is instantly available to him according to a well metered and scheduled delivery. Thus making it possible for infinite number of students all follow the same schedule but in their respective timelines.

Selective Content allocation to users

It is possible to selectively activate different services for different users like video access for some student can be closed if a repeater student has joined back the institute only for test series. Also it is possible to allocate access to selective course content to any user.

It is also possible for the institute administrator to allocate access to some specific course content to any specific candidate without any purchase. It is also possible to alter the time schedule of the course content for the candidates who have joined the course late.

This features also has commercial importance as it helps the institutes to specifically charge for the services.

Custom schedule for registered candidates

It is possible to change the schedule for any individual candidate. Such a scenario is helpful when some student has missed a previous live class due to some genuine reason and the institute decides to allow the student to view the passed class.

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