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What Makes the Addmen OMR Software the Best OMR Software ?

Credibility of Company, Product & Services

It is not just any OMR Software. It is a software that is trusted by most typical and Critical Government Organisation, Examination bodies and high ranking institutes.

Addmen software is being used for evaluation of IIT JEE which is the most critical competitive entrance exam in India. This supports our claims of accuracy and credibility of the product.

We have not grown overnight by fluke. It takes time, effort and perfection to grow to 20 countries and 5000+ distinct clients.

Emphasis on Technical Support

The huge clientèle that Addmen maintains is not possible without consistent Technical support mechanism. It is not a case of 1-2 or 100-200 clients. Our client list grows to thousands and we receive Training & Support calls from 50 different new and old clients in a day.

There can be good marketing but if the services are not good, same organisation will not repeatedly buy more licenses from us. Several organisations have procured multiple licenses from Addmen over a period of many years as they have grown themselves. This supports our claims of consistency of service that we have maintained and continuously improved in last 16 years.

All this is not possible to support without a dedicated and sizeable support team. In Addmen we have a support team which is 3 times our marketing and administration team.

Emphasis on genuine Research and Development

We don't copy. We don't cheat. From day 1 since last 16 years, Addmen OMR Software has been developed on the basis of genuine ideas and client feedback. This is the reason that keeps us ahead in technology and features. There are several firms using look alike software's and selling at a lesser price but cannot the match the valuable feedback that Addmen products receive from its huge number of clients.

Most software's use Corel Draw as an integrated designing tool which is a bare violation of copyright and licensing. On the contrary Addmen OMR Software provides its output in open source formats which can be edited as per user convenience.

Integrated Multiple Softwares & Services support futuristic vision

The various types of requirements that we cover has led us to develop a complete umbrella of OMR-OCR-ICR Solutions having Standard (portable) and Professional (Advanced) and Web variants, Integrated with Online Exam System and Online Score Board. Our OMR Solutions are also Integrated with Online Application and Admission process, and Feedback, Survey and Election processes within the Institute Management System. All offerings well accepted and employed by a large number of clients.

So if today's only OMR user decides to implement Online Exam System tomorrow, Addmen offers an integrated system wherein all the information from OMR & Online Exam can be merged together. So that the user does not have to bother to manage two different solutions for the same or related processes in an Institute.

Best OMR Softwar
Best OMR Softwar

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